Bird Watching Instructions

Press "A" - to select
Press "B" - to confirm or execute
Press "C" - To return to normal mode

Time will appear by pressing "B", and press "B" again to return screen to normal mode.
Press "A" to select following 9 functions:
Game A (Guess left or right)
Game B (Guess whether number is greater or less than seven)
lights on/off
Setting the time (After the time is set, it takes 5-6 minutes for the egg shell to break and chick to emerge before the various functions, such as feeding, can be selected)
Press "B" - Screen for setting the time appears
Press "A" - to set hours
Press "B" - to set minutes
To confirm, press "C" (chick's face will appear to indicate that setting has been done)

Press "B" - to switch between screens for time and chick

Symbols of ten functions

There are three choices:
Rice. Eating a bowl of rice will fill the stomach by a grade.
Sweet. A maximum of 15 sweets per day, eating too much will cause sickness.
Water. A maximum of 15 glasses per day, drinking too little will cause sickness.
Game A
Guess Left or Right, "A" - left, "B" - right. Play a total of five times.
If the chick wins, level of happiness will increase by one.

Visiting the Doctor
When the chick is sick, (symbol) will appear. It must visit the doctor twice for (symbol) to disappear.

When the chick makes noise for no reason, it needs education.
Definition of "no reason": it is not hungry, sick, needing to pass motion, or needs to play...
Teacher's face will appear in case when education is correctly delivered. The chick will be angry if education is given when not needed.

Game B
Guess whether number is greater than seven or less than seven. "A" - greater than seven. "B" - less than seven. Play a total of five times.

If the chick wins, level of happiness will increase by one.

When the sun is out - wear a hat
When it snows - wear a scarf
When it rains - give him an umbrella

Use for sweeping away droppings.

Condition of the chick
By pressing "A" or "B", you will know the chick's age, weight, educational level, whether it's hungry or not, how it feels, whether it is happy (games played).

On/Off the light
Remember to switch off the light when the chick is asleep. Press "A" to select.

Calling for attention (beeping)
Pet beeps when it's hungry, sick or wants to play.
This page was last updated: February 7, 2007