Hello Kitty Metcha Esute (very French)
Kitty has got a hot date coming up and she needs your help to look her best.
The goal is to either fatten her up or thin her down depending on how the game starts out.
I have not played with it yet.
It's another one that should have your full attention. There is a lot of Japanese text to sift through.
A cute little cat pet. Feed him, groom him. He plays two games. One is a ball and cup game and the other is catch the moussie!
He's easy to get along with even though the menu is all Japanese. It's got very nice graphics for such a small screen.
Wagamamaholder Myar
I really liked this one.
You just see the cats face on the sereen.
There is no option menu or icons. You just press the first button and it automatically brings up what attention is needed.
The maintenance was low.
Sounds were nice.  It takes a few days to get to the adult stage. It does get a little boring but when it finally grows up, the animations change and it takes on a more grown up attitude. I think at one point, mine smoked for a short time and wore sunglasses. (I should have taken pictures)
Per petual pets", a Nekotcha clone

Nekotcha (Cat) - Inutcha (Dog)    Comes in heart-shaped case or mouse-shaped case with four buttons.
Easily one of the worst V-pets there is! It goes through 8 life stages (if you can keep it alive that long, it goes back to the first stage, explained by the instructions that you "raise it's kitten.")

The pets functions include (feed, bathroom, medicine, exercise, play, sleep, and dating,) what's available depends on the life stage.
Each function has 2 or 3 sub-options only one option will make the cat happy. Too many wrong choices will kill it. The graphics are not great. you enter a function and it makes the cat happy or sad, there's no animation other than the cat's eyes moving up and down.
There is only its happiness to monitor, and it'll never refuse anything which will please it for the particular stage, meaning you can feed it all day long, give it injections to your heart's content, or for the morbid, have it go under the operating knife repeatedly.  Depending on the function and stage, sometimes no options will please it. I don't know why this pet was ever produced.
Pocket Love
The goal is to get 100 love points.
You get points by making them (the boy and girl cat) go out to dinner, make the guy give flowers to the girl, have them go out to the karoke bar, etc..
Funny things happen too. The girl gets upset at the boy cat. Some times he wanders off and she has to lure him back.
Two functions to earn the love points are allowed per day you play.
It was nice but some what slow for me. It's a good pet to have going with another.