Dr. Slump instructions

This is not the official instructions for Dr. Slump, It's just what we've been able to figure out. They are pretty accurate though. These are the half-decent instructions for Dr. Slump:

Pull tab or hit reset first.
First, you get a screen with a flashing month and day.  Put in YOUR birth date.
Then you get a screen asking for  blood type (you can leave it as ? if you don't know).  Then you pick  gender. I don't know which option is boy or girl. :0\

Next, you get a screen to set what year it is.  After that, you set the
actual date.  Set the time, and push the last button to see the little
angel fluttering onscreen.     

This is when all the fun starts to happen!  The first icon looks like an
egg that's just hatching.  You press the first button and enter it by
pressing the second (middle) button.  You get that flashing month and
date and then you enter somebody's birthdate, blood type and gender, and
press the middle button.  You see the little angel and three JP
characters go down the left side of the screen.  After they do that, you
press the little antennas (hold one of those buttons down for a full second. Then the screen goes negative.

Then this little dancing rice cooker / space ship appears and out of it springs one  of the little characters.  He dances around for a little, and then you  press the first button and choose the top option if you want him to hang  around for a while.  You can tell him to go or replace him with another  one by choosing the bottom option.  It also shows you a compatibility  rating (as a percent).

The next icon looks like a smiley face who's  surprised.  This has the
love-power-total ratings meters. You have to  press the antennas after
the three JP characters go down the left side of the screen.  I can't
seem to keep the angel happy with these, though it doesn't seem to
matter as far as the life of the game goes.  (It looks like there's a
small lightning storm on the left side of the screen when any of the
characters or the angel aren't happy.) 

Then the next icon shows the meters for the character you got.  Looks
like a baby bottle with an "A" on it.  Happy hearts, smiley
faces and showing the compatibility rating.  You can seem to improve the  compatibility rating by playing a lot with the character!  Kind of like
real life,  huh?

The icon that looks like sparkly stars is the one where you give the
character happy hearts.  You press the middle button and three JP
characters go down the left side of the screen while the character is
doing his thing.  Press the antennas and after the screen goes negative,
he gets the sparkly showers down the left side of the screen and gets
all happy.  Sometimes the angel character gets the sparkly showers, but I'm not sure why?  Doesn't seem to affect the game.

The next icon is the heart game.  You press the middle button and your
character moves offscreen and this little talk balloon with three hearts
shows up.  They're either all dark, all light, or some combination of
dark and light.  You use the first two buttons to try to replicate the
hearts in the balloon.  I've found that if you play long enough, you can
make the smiley face meter fill up even though I'm really, REALLY bad at  this game. I like that the game is unique, but it's hard to win.

The one after than is the bullhorn icon.  Every so often, you see a head
shot of your character.  Then you have to press the button to get the
two options that will make him restore to his usual look.  I keep
pressing both randomly until this happens, because I don't know what
they are!  When he's happy, he turns back into the whole character and
does the happy dance with a smiley face in the upper left corner of the

The next icon is the sucker icon.  He asks for this by dancing around
and having this upside-down question-mark looking thing in the left side
of the screen.  Press the button and he eats the sucker and is very

The last icon is the attention icon.  It lights up when he needs to be
taken out of that head-shot condition and when he asks for a sucker.  If
he needs to be played with, he'll ask for a sucker a LOT.

My friend Lynn figured out Dr. Slump.
Thanks Lynn!

I don't know the story behind the pet. So I don't know why you are getting the characters or what the deal really is with this pet. Understanding more than the functions would make this guy much more enjoyable.