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::The Original Entama Guide by P-Low: The Skilful Abbot +::
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ENTAMA Stuff:   

From left to right, top to bottom:
Health Meter, Food, Toilet
Game, infrared connection, Mail, medicine
treasure box, Album, attention


mamezoku + memezoku = memezoku
memezoku + kuchizoku = Kuchizoku
Kuchizoku + Mamezoku = Mamezo

*mating the same species yeilds the same type.

To marry two Gotchi choose the heart Icon and select the first option "Entama"

Then Choose the menu option Kekkon.  Last option on this screen:


If you let poo stack up 8 levels high, your gotchi will get a Tamacold and a disease.  Tamacold [Tamakaze] is denoted by a skull mark on the screen.  Cavities are denoted by the tooth mark on the screen.

Entama Vistors
All the Entama kisetsu [seasonal] Events

+ January Kagami mochi, looks like a cake when it comes and sits there...
from Jan 1~ 3rd It's common to eat O'setchi during the new years [Oshogatsu] holidays in Japan.

+ March 3rd is Hina Matsuri [Doll Festival] or better known as Girl's day in Japan. If you have an
  Entama two dolls [o'hina-sama] will come and visit you when your Gotchi is Idle!

A break down of the Doll's Display
[ It's the Emperor and Empress dolls that show up on the Entama ]

The Emperor & The Empress

Three Court Ladies [maidens]
Sake holder with long handle
Sake holder * sitting.
Sake holder

Five Musicians [boys]
Small drum *standing.
Large hand drum *standing.
Hand drum
singer *sits with folding paper fan

Two Ministers [men]
T he Minister of the Right
The Minister of the Left  *Elder

+ April 1st to 7th, Ohanami [Flower Viewing]
When Cherry Trees bloom in the spring Japanese enjoy going to the park and sitting under the trees while drinking and looking at the blossoms. Its a very fun event. However, the number of younger hoodlums joining in the festivities at night has caused the event to become a little soured over the years. During the night, lanterns are lit through out the parks and it can be somewhat relaxing and romantic.

Oyajitchi's screen is a little different... He has a bottle of Sake and Ohanami bento [lunch box]

+ July [all month] Wind chime

+ August 3rd to 9th Fireworks Festival [Ohanabi Taikai] Fireworks tournament. Summer is the season for festivals in Japan. Most of the are related to Buddhist traditions i.e, Gion Festival. But no one cares about that.

+ Sept. 15th to 19th Full moon watching . . . Moon Princess in the Milky way [I forget the story now...]

+ Dec. 20th to 25th Christmas Tree Like all things tamagotchi, it has eyes and a mouth. You can have your picture taken with the tree at E-Tamago.com.

+ December 24th at Midnight [12:00AM] Santa Claus will visit - he sneaks while your tamagotchi is asleep.

Tama Karaoke* Karaoke I found the other day that when
playing tsushin games - Karaoke..

You do not have to chose the same genre of song. 
For example you can choose Rock,
and I can choose Enka.

To connect two Gotchi choose the heart Icon and select the first option "Entama"

Then Choose the menu option "Game".  First Option on this screen:

Next Select Karaoke.  The second option on this screen :

After selecting the karaoke option, the next screen will allow you to chose which genre.  From top to bottom the order is Rock, Pops, Enka.

News and Mail Time:

9am – Gotchi Shinbun (Newspaper)

4pm – Tamagotch Tegami (special Delivery)

*[apparently there are 6 newspaper messages and 49 tamagotchi letters]

**[Not all of them are good news!!!]

*Katehoumon – Teacher home visit




11am and 5pm: Shopping [[™]houmonhanbai –K–â”Ì”„@
                               O'sekkai Jii-san ‚¨‚¹‚Á‚©‚¢‚¶‚¢‚³‚ñ –will visit]


Furiru Sensei + Furiru Teacher – Preschool Teacher + Flower Sensei – Oshare Class Teacher

Canvas Sensei + Canvas Sensei – Yasashi Class Teacher

Jiten Kame Sensei + Jiten Kame Sensei – Kashikoi Class Teacher

Class Item:

*Preschool: Preschool Bag

oshare class + Oshare class:  Clarinet and Silk Hat

+ Yasashi Class:  Clay and Baret [French hat?]

 + Kashikoi class:  kakubou [square college cap] and Pencil

Class game [katehoumon]

+ Oshare class:  Musical Note Game

+ Yasashi Class:  Heart Game

+ Kashikoi class:  Pencil Game

*Furiru Sensei will come and teach‚¨‚䂤‚¬ [a dance] Your gotchi has to copy Furiru moves. If you miss you are out. You cant control the dance.

The moves are: Left turn, right turn, left turn,
right turn, face forward, genki ippai de JUMP!

special cheat.  If you fail the school test set the clock back one minute before six.  This can
also help to get those needed guts points

Secret Characters: 

+ Tensaitchi (tensai means Genious)

l         Grow a mametchi

l         Have 200 kashikosa points by graduation

l         Become a scientist.

l         Within three days raise kashikosa up to 999points.

+ Makiko

l         Grow a Memetchi

l         Have 200 points in oshare by graduation

l         Become a idol [Geinojin]

l Within three days increase oshare to 999points.

+ Nonbiritchi

l         Grow a Kuchipatchi

l         Have 200 points in Yasashisa by graduation

l         Work for the Patchi Onsen

l         Within three days increase oshare to 999points.

Time Schedules

[schedules are pretty much the same for each character so Ifll break it down by rank]

+ Youjiki
[just after hatch]

-  10 min: Sick

-  30 min: Sleep

-  35 min: Wake up

-  1hr: Hankouki


[1-2 years old; 1st rank]

07am –

08am -

09am – Wake up, Mail

10am – Teacher Home Visit [Furiru Teacher]

11am –Shopping [[™]houmonhanbai –K–â”Ì”„@Ofsekkai Jii-san ‚¨‚¹‚Á‚©‚¢‚¶‚¢‚³‚ñ –will visit]

03pm – Teacher Home Visit

04pm – mail

05pm - [™]shopping

06pm – Teacher Home Visit

08pm – sleep





+ Shishunki

[3-5 years old; 2nd rank]

07am –

08am -

09am – Wake up, Mail

~:30 - Brush Teeth

10am – Teacher Home Visit

11am – Shopping [[™]houmonhanbai –K–â”Ì”„@Ofsekkai Jii-san ‚¨‚¹‚Á‚©‚¢‚¶‚¢‚³‚ñ will visit]

03pm – Teacher Home Visit

04pm – mail

05pm - [™]shopping

06pm – Teacher Home Visit

08pm – Brush Teeth

09pm - Sleep




+ Sanranki

[6-15 years old; 3rd rank]

07am –

08am -

09am – Wake up, Mail

~:30 - Brush Teeth

10am – Teacher Home Visit

11am –Shopping [[™]houmonhanbai –K–â”Ì”„@Ofsekkai Jii-san ‚¨‚¹‚Á‚©‚¢‚¶‚¢‚³‚ñ will visit]

03pm – Teacher Home Visit

04pm – mail

05pm - [™]shopping

06pm – Teacher Home Visit

07pm - Bath

08pm – Brush Teeth

09pm -

10pm - Sleep



+ Secret Characters:

Nobiritchi, Makiko, Tensaitchi [same as Sanranki, but teacher visit is changed for Omiyai]

07am –

08am -

09am – Wake up, Mail

~:30 - Brush Teeth

10am – Arranged Marriage

11am –Shopping [[™]houmonhanbai –K–â”Ì”„@Ofsekkai Jii-san ‚¨‚¹‚Á‚©‚¢‚¶‚¢‚³‚ñ –will visit]

03pm – Arranged Marriage

04pm – mail

05pm - [™]shopping

06pm – Arranged Marriage

07pm - Bath

08pm – Brush Teeth

09pm -

10pm - Sleep



+ Otokitchi/Ojitchi

(old woman/man)[15-99 years old]
*notice no brushing of teeth,they have none!)

07am –

08am -

09am – Wake up, Mail

11am –Shopping [[™]houmonhanbai –K–â”Ì”„@Ofsekkai Jii-san ‚¨‚¹‚Á‚©‚¢‚¶‚¢‚³‚ñ –will visit]

04pm – mail

05pm - [™]shopping

07pm - Bath

08pm – sleep

09pm -

10pm -



+ Oyajitchi(old boy-man)

[loves alcohol] *when oldman / oldwoman marry they produce oyajitchi

07am –

08am -

09am – Wake up, Mail

10:30am – Arranged Marriage

11am –Shopping [[™]houmonhanbai
–K–â”Ì”„@Ofsekkai Jii-san ‚¨‚¹‚Á‚©‚¢‚¶‚¢‚³‚ñ –will visit]

03pm – Arranged Marriage

04pm – mail

05pm - [™]shopping

06pm – Arranged Marriage

7:30 - Bath

08pm – 09pm -

10pm - sleep




Presents and Omiyage

You should select the correct ENTAMA option.

To Connect to another Entama for Exchanging presents: 
Open the Heart Icon and choose Entama its the first option on
the menu

After you select Entama youfll have another set menu options.

+ Game
+Present Give
+Present Receive
+ Marry

Choose the option that you want to do
[Be sure that if you choose Receive on one of your entamas
then on the other entama you have to choose Give.]

After you select the option to give you'll have another set of
options: what to give =

+ food
+ treasure box
+ present
+ seasonal item

After you select one of these you'll be able to scroll what item to
give. After you've decided press the b button, you may have
to press b several times on both entamas if you are timing is off
and you are too slow. but as long as the menu doesnt disappear you
should be OK.

Make sure the entamas sensors are close.
And I noticed it doesnt work well
in direct sunlight

Exchanging gifts with other gotchi owners helps your gotchi to make friends. 

You can check your friends and family by going to the the album icon.
[press 'b' then scroll using 'a'] the menu says:

- Tomadachi
- Family
- Ohaka [grave]

Giving Presents

Your items when received and opened by the other gotchi may
not always appear.   Sometimes it will explode turn
into a fly, bat, poo, etc....

It may also be the case that the receiving gotchi
doesn’t like the gift!

- Yubiwa: Ring

+ Receiver is happy 15 points up.  [Nakayoshi = friendship level]

+ receiver doesn’t like it 15 down.

hanataba: Flowers

Likes: +10

Dislikes -10

Shoukeiki: Small Cake

Likes +5

Dislikes -5

daikeiki: Big cake

Likes +8

Dislikes -8

Friendship Chart

The chart becomes important when wanting to breed with a gotchi from another Entama. 


Opposite sex












Best friend [shinyu]


Best friend




[like soulmate]







After you graduate from Tamaschool, you'll have an animation scene of your graduation.  Then after a day or so you'll get a letter saying that its time for you take your job interview.  Your gotchi will walk away nervous and then stand before three of the king's slaves, I mean helpers.  If they all vote yes [o] then you'll be accepted for that job. 

[Each job has three levels: you start a job at level one (one star)
to increase stars you have to increase your guts points. 
For example if you start a job at Gotchi T.V. [kashikosa]

with a kashikosa of 201. When you increase that to 302
you’ll be level two, and then increase that to 402? You’ll

go level 3.  However when I had my Tosakotchi I started GotchiTV with 200+
points I didn’t reach level 3 until until I went up to 600+

Kashikosa: [Wisdom]

+ Tamagotchi Laboratory  [200+]

ITEM: Magnifying Glass

*    Assistant

**   Professor

***  Genius Professor

+ Gotchi T.V.  [200+]

ITEM: Announcer's Desk

*    Trainee Announcer

**   Popular Announcer

***  Super Announcer

+ Tamagotchi School Teacher  [50+]

ITEM: Chalkboard

*    apprentice

**   Popular teacher

***  Charisma teacher

+ Tamagotchi Hospital  [0+]

ITEM: Šz‘Ñ‹¾ - gakutaikyou: head mirror

*    Trainee

**   Popular Doctor

***  Head Doctor

 + Gotchi Bank  [0+]

ITEM: Neck Tie

*   Trainee

**  Popular Banker

*** Charisma Banker



Oshare [fashion-conscious]<

+ Geinou [Talent/Idol] Production  [200+]

ITEM: Microphone

*    Novice Idol           

**   Popular Idol

***  Super Idol

+ Fukuyasan [Designer] [200+]

ITEM: Torso/mannequin

*   Novice Designer

**  Popular Designer

*** Charisma Designer

+ Cake Shop [Bakery]  [50+]

ITEM: ‚ ‚킽‚ÄŠí -awatateki: spatuala looking thinking for mixing - again I forget the English

*    Apprentice [The book says “Patishie” which must be Italian for baker]

**   Popular Baker

***  Charisma Baker

+ Beauty Salon [0+]

ITEM: Scissors

*   Apprentice [Hair make] ßJapanese English -- beautician

**  Popular beautician

*** Charisma beautician

+ HanayaSan [horticulturist]  [0+]

ITEM: Watering Pitcher

*    Small Flower Shop

**   Popular Flower Shop

***  Charisma Flower Shop

Yashisa [Kindness]

+ Patchi Onsen [hotspring] [200+]

ITEM: Oyumazehou: Stick for stirring bath water

*   Temperature Regulator [‚¨“’¬‚ºŒW] oyumazegakari - mix bath water with cold until the right temperature guy.

**  Temperature checker  [“’‰ÁŒ¸ŒW]yukagengakari

*** Charisma banto san@[ƒJƒŠƒXƒ}”Ô“ª‚³‚ñ]ç public bath receptionist.

+ Tamagotchi Yochien Teacher [Preschool] [200+]

ITEM: Apron

*   Novice

**  Popular

*** Charisma

Kuchipatchi Fro+ Tamagotchi Police Box [50+]

ITEM: Police Cap

*    Novice Police Officer

**   Popular Police Officer

***  Charisma Police Officer

+ Gotchi Transportation [50+]

ITEM: Whistle

*    Novice Station Attendant

**   Popular Station Attendant

***  Charisma Station Attendant

+ Tamagotchi Restaurant [0+]

ITEM: Chef's Hat

*    Novice Cook

**   Popular Cook

***  Charisma Cook


To check your news select the mail icon at the bottom left side of the screen.  It will flash if you have a mail or a delivery.  The top option says News and the Lower option says Sokutatsu, or special delivery

note: [various means it changes a little each time, like the weather.]

G = Gotchi Points [money]
p = guts points, they only affect happines Nazotchi

GOTCHI SHINBUN [Gotchi Newspaper]

01 - Tamagotchi planet, A burgular entered tamgotchi bank, its very scary, we are worried about the damage.

02 - The weather is said to be good on tamagotchi planet. It is happy to hear that the weather may be fine. [Various]

03 - Gotchi King will leave the castle and come visit. You are very nervous right.

+500 Gotchi
+1p Happiness

04 - A burgular entered your home and stole money. Its very sad.

-300 G
-1p Happiness

05 - Seasonal Items news [Various]

06 - Gotchi King's servents who are always kind to each other, had a fight. [Various] castle servent news.

TAMA TEGAMI [tama letter]
01 - Your parents won the lottery and you'll recieve an allowance, great isnt it.

+ 600G
+1p Happiness

02 - If you have a happy family the King will grant public acknowledgement to your parents.


03 - A rare mushroom was found growing in your garden. You'll present it to the king.


04 - Your parents came in first place at the Tama Olympics. You'll recieve an allowance.


05 - Your parents came with the Tamagotchi Flu from playing too much. If you're not careful,
you'll get sick too.


06 - Your parents build a Shinto Gotchi Shrine and you send money to congratulate or
support it. Its great if they are happy about it.

[I'm funny about this one in japanese it says,
".ƒLƒ~‚Ìe‚ªj‚½‚Ü‚²‚Á‚¿Œä“a‚𗧂Ă邱‚Æ‚à‚ ‚é‚æ! ‚¨‚¢‚í‚¢‚ð‚¨‚­‚肽‚¢‚ËB@‚æ‚邱‚ñ‚Å‚­‚ê‚é‚Æ‚¢‚¢‚È"
[kimi no oya ga shukutamagotchigoten wo taterukoto aruyo! Oiwai wo okuritaine. Yorukondekureruto iine!.]
The Kanji for shuku and the numerous meanings of tateru make this translation confusing for me.
The guide has Tateru written hiragana for ease.


07 - Your parents lost their entire fortune and assets.


08 - If the pupils at Gotchi Preschool are good boys and girls, Gotchi king will give them an allowance!

09 - Preschool students make "Oyuugi Tournament" poster using their own gotchi money.
How will the poster turn out. We are waiting to see!


10 - If Tamagotchi School students are good boys and girls the King will give them an allowance!!


11 - The people have one a prize for the Clean Campaign. Great!


12 - Your test result was sent in the mail.


13 - You win first prize in the Costume Tournament.


14 - The picture you drew for homework has been selected for a contest. Ganbatte!


15 - You and your classmates gather money to buy a gift for your teacher to show your
appreciation for their care.


16 - school lunch notification

17 - The test you took a while back result arrived. You got a 10 [out of a 100],
hearing that news makes you cry.


18 - Your class was chosen as the, "Most Un-cool" class.


19 - Your Kindness Composition [essay, report] for the contest was rejected.


20 - You are popular in your workplace. For that you'll get a bonus [raise].


21 - The king told you to "Do your best" at your job and you worked hard to do that.
h‚«‚Ý‚ÌŽdŽ–‚³‚«‚ª‚²‚Á‚¿‘剤‚©‚çA‚ª‚ñ‚΂Á‚Ä‚é‚Å‚µ‚傤‚ð ‚à‚炤‚±‚Æ‚à‚ ‚é‚ñ‚¾‚Á‚ÄI‚â‚Á‚½‚ËIh@
kimi no shigotosakiga gotchidaioukara, ganbatterudeshou wo moraukotomoarundatte! Yattane!


22 - Because you are a serious and hard worker you recieve a special bonus [raise]


23 - "Number 1" Career aspiration in your workplace


24 - You always help and cooporate with people at work, so you recieve a
"Thank You" letter.


25 - You got a letter saying you lost popularity in the work place.
The people gave money to make announcements.


26 - Next time, you and some people are going to have a friendship party.


27 - Because you havent been being a serious and hard worker you recieve
a letter telling to work harder and try your best.


28 - A Work uniform contest is to be held on Tamagotchi planet and
the results we be told there too. You are very nervous aren't you.


29 - In order to promote happiness and friendship among
the people a Friendship Festival will be held.


30 - You got a love letter with no name written on it. I love your
intelligent mind and I'm always cheering for you!


31 - The King praises you for your hard work and diligence.


32 - You got a love letter with no name written on it. I love your
Stylish mind and I'm always cheering for you!


33 - The king praises you for always being stylish.


34 - You got a love letter with no name written on it. I love your
Kind heart and I'm always cheering for you!


35 - The king praises you for always being kind..


36 - You won the subscription prize money
[*Like publisher's clearing house -hahaha]


37 - You got a love letter with no name written on it. I have always loved you.
Will you marry me?


38 - At Tamgotchi planet large amounts of Money errupted.
[*apparently this sometimes happens on Tamagotchi planet]


39 - A while back you found a wallet and returned it to the police box and now you get an award.


40 - You slipped on a banana peel and had to pay for medical expenses.


41 - The king says recently haven't been putting enough effort and
hardwork into your studies. You had better try harder.


42 - You lost the preliminary Fashion [ohare] contest held on tamagotchi planet.


43 - The king says try to improve your fashion sense a bit [oshare].


44 - You were rejected for the kindness contest held on tamagotchi planet.

45 - A letter from the king says try to be a little bit more kind.


46 - Your numbers didnt hit in the lottery.


47 - Bill from Tama Tama Market demanding pay for a charge


48 - A while ago you applied for the tamalist. You were rejected,
don't give up, try again next time. [*Whats the Tama List?]


49 - Member of a fundraising group, pay the donation.



Ingredient 1     Ingredient 2         What you can make
[* top row is japanese, the following line is my translation]

Mame block       Kashiko Eks           Megane Pan

Bean Block       Wisdom Extract        Glasses Bread

Mame block       Mame no me            Mame Bento

Bean Block       Bean Sprout           Bean Lunchbox

Mame block       Shikaku Flask         Shikaku Ringo

Bean Block       Square Flask          Square Apple

Sankaku Flask    Kashiko Eks           Drill Kintaro Ame

Triangle Flask   Wisdom Extract        [i.e. math drill] Candy

Sankaku Flask    Mame no Me            Mame Sakana

Triangle Flask   Bean Sprout           Bean Fish

Sankaku Flask    Shikaku Flask         Shikaku Onigiri

Triangle Flask   Square Flask          Square Rice Ball

Kashiko Eks      Mame no Me            Mame Drink

Wisdom Extract   Bean Sprout           Bean Drink

Kashiko Eks      Shikaku Flask         Shikaku Donuts

Wisdom Extract   Square Flask          Square Donuts

Mame no Me       Shikaku Flask         Shikaku Kinoko

Bean Sprout      Square Flask          Square Mushroom

Ohare Eks        Oshare no Me          Star Kinoko

Style Extract    Style Sprouts         Star Mushroom

Ohare Eks        Onbu no me            Onbu Pan

Style Extract    Musical Clef Sprouts  Musical Clef Bread

Ohare Eks        Oshare Hana           Ribbon Drink

Style Extract    Style Flower   

Ohare Eks        GuruGuru no Mi        Guru Guru Candy

Style Extract    Twirling Berry        Twirling Candy

Oshare no Me     Onbu no Me            Star Donuts

Style Sprouts    Musical Note Sprout   

Oshare no Me     Oshare Hana           Ribbon Candy

Style Sprouts    Style Flower   

Oshare no Me     Guru Guru no Mi       Star Onigiri

Style Sprouts    Twirling Berry        Star Rice Ball

Onbu no Me            Oshare Hana      Star Ringo

Musical Note Sprout   Style Flower     Star Apple

Onbu no Me            Guru Guru no Mi  Roll Cake

Musical Note Sprout   Guru Guru Berry   

Yasashisa Eks        Yasashi no Me         Smile Pan

Kindness Extract     Kindness Sprouts      Smile Bread

Yasashisa Eks        Kuchi Happa           Heart Kinoko

Kindness Extract     Mouth Leaf            Heart Mushroom

Yasashisa Eks        Yasashi Hana          Heart Fruit

Kindness Extract     Kind Flower    Onsen Manjyu

Yasashisa Eks        Onsen no Mi           

Kindness Extract     Hotspring Berry   Hotspring[Manjuu]
                                                       Manjuu is a Jap. Sweet Dumpling

Kuchi Happa          Yasashi Hana          Heart Onigiri

Mouth Leaf           Kind Flower            Heart Rice ball

Kuchi Happa          Onsen no Mi           Heart Gohan

Mouth Leaf           Hotspring Berry       Heart Rice [rice as meal]

Yasashi Hana         Onsen no Mi           Heart Ringo

Kind Flower          Hotspring Berry       Heart Apple

Cooking Items

The second Icon from the left on the top of your screen will display your food menu. The top option says Food, the Second Option Says Dessert. or Gohan and Oyatsu.  The last option says cooking.

Oseiwa [Caring for Entama]

The first icon on the top left of the screen is your heatlh meter here you can find interesting things about you Gotchi:

School  [ Preschool ]

School [ Tama School ]
Class [ Yasashii ]

Job [ Kenkyujyo ]



This screen displays your Gotchi's Stats AKA




You can increase Guts points by using items from your treasure box.
The first screen displays 3 menu options for items:

Work/School item [ Syokugyou ]
Guts Up
Special Items

The second screen displays 2 menu options

Ryokou - items bought while traveling

Other, misc items.  usually used to increase

The below info is in regards to the character growth chart.

Taking care of your character only affects what shijunki [3-5 years]
stage character you will get.

If you look at the character chart from left to right its:
girl, girl, boy, boy

and the order is:

miss a lot, miss, a little, miss a lot, miss a little.

from the Shijunki stage to sanranki [6-15 years] your evolution is totally
based guts points and the order is:

girl,  girl,  girl,  boy,  boy,  boy
Girl: high yasashi, high oshare, high kashikosa,
Girl: high yasashi, high oshare, high kashikosa

Memorizing this pattern you'll get any character you want. But your
babies and sex will always be semi-random!


Tamatown News:

+ Osouji race game [TAMASCHOOL] [Cleaning race game] Popular in Japan especially in Elementary school.  Basically you get down on all fours with a rag in your hands [for wiping the floor] and line up.  GO! Race to the other side of the room, leaving a wet trail.

+ Furiru Sensei's Oyuugi Dance game [TamaPRESCHOOL].
Same as her home visit it seems. See below for more info!

+ Meishi koukan game [Business card exchange game] [OFFICE]

You only need to remember about 2 expressions:

[hisashiburi] - Long time no see! (GIVE CARD)

[hajimemashite] - Nice to meet You (GIVE CARD)

[O'tsukare sama] - Difficult to put into english, but it is said after a days of work. or when someone is leaving the work place, etc. {Roughly:  thank you ; many thanks ; much appreciated ; (2) that's enough for today}  (DO NOT GIVE CARD)

[yoroshiku onegaishimasu] -- Literally, I wish you will be kind to me. But said when meeting for the first time. (DO NOT GIVE CARD)

[cultural note]
This is how japanese people REALLY introduce themselves. If you ever come to japan make some business cards. All you need is a Name, website if you have one address, phone number. Other stuff is up to you: blood type [japanese like this] birthday, favorite food, etc... you get the idea.

Parents Home:

If your gotchi is a 2nd generation you can go and visit your parents at their home. [actually just your mother or father depending on your 1st gotchi] There your parent will ask you if you can help clean the house.  You'll have a time limit to put stuff in order.  If you do it quickly you can get a bunch of nice gotchipoints.


After you've entered the working world enter here for news pertaining to your job.  Usually just basic announcements.  Everytime I've gone the billboard said gNo Special News at the Momenth


Go here to get the scoop on what's been going down on Tamagotchi Planet.  Its closed after 4pm.  [This is basically the same news you get on your entama, it's just written in more detail [kuwashiku news].

Castle GotchiDaiOU

Go here to visit the king.  Nothing too exciting.  During December you could take a picture with the Christmas tree. 

*Taking pictures:

The pictures lead you to the TamaCircle website.  [I am a member, check it out here:

MY TAMA CIRCLE  The Tamacircle is a place you can go to keep logs and make Gotchi friends with other people who have Tamagotchi's its real fun.  When you take a picture in Tama Town, or any of the other Travel Sites it will lead you here.  Log in and the picture will be added to your photo album.  Click the link above to see my photos.

:: Tamagotchi Links + ::

Tamagotchi Village  Tamogotchi Village
I love this forum simply because of the layout, design, and interaction.  Audience seems quite young though, but worth joining just to check out the place.

Tamagotchi King  Tamogotchi King
This site contains Tama_Crazy's Personal opinion, and showcases her tamagotchi collection.

Tamagotchi NaviTamagotchi Jouhoukyoku Navi [“ú–{Œê]
Japanese site run by Kjyun. He has worked on several Bandai Tamagotchi Projects.

Tamagotchi DaisukiTamagotchi Daisuki [“ú–{Œê]
Japanese site with Extensive Information on Tamgotchi.

Tama Zone Tama Zone
Another Tamagotchi Forum. Very friendlyh members.
Haze made the current banner I'm using on my main site now.

+ Virtual Pets Mail List
Fun and Friendly Yahoo Group covering all varieties of Virtual Pets.

+ Tama Talk
Virtual Pet Forum. An execellent forum for info on all Tamagotchi? Beware of silly, childish posts.

+ PixelMood
Natasja's Site with lots of good Tamogotchi info and pretty Entama Guide.

+ Virtual Life
Jappy-X's Virtual Pet Forum.

+ Tamenagerie.com
Mothra: Queen of Virtual Pets. She has the largest and most extensive collection imaginable. You have to see it to believe it!!.

+ Blade's Place
A very friendly Virtual Pet site...  Matt has quite a few interesting Virtual Pets.

+ Tamagotchi Wiki
Tamagotchi Wiki, online encyclopedia.