Derby Ball

A very unique pet.
It has a picture menu (no icons on the screen) which adds more options as the horse gets older.  There is also a meter that stretches across the bottom of the display. I don't know what it's for. Might be overall happiness or to use in conjunction with it's infared function.
I can only guess that the infared is to race against another Derby Ball horse.
The games are jumping and stomp on the mole.
The jumping game is really cute, horsie runs fast, jump. Fast, jump. Horsie runs slow, jump. Horsie runs fast jump....
The stomp game like whack a mole but the horses hoof squashes the moles. The moles come out fairly predictably.
The shell is eyeball shaped with a convex lens just like an eyeball which unfortunateiy creates a lot of glare.
I really like it though. It's so unique and cute!
If you are lucky enough to come across one, it's worth having.
Bo Bear
A very nice watch style/ necklace style/ pocket pet.
It's the thinnest virtual pet I've seen.
It was fairly easy to take care of and a cute character.
Pocket Pal
Dinosaur and Dog.
The Dog stays a dog while the Dino
is a lizard type creature for a couple of days then a cat and I think an alien.
It's been a while since I have had the Dino version going. I do have pictures of the one I have lose in an earlier page of this section.
I only played with the puppy for a couple of days and tabbed it back up.
I liked it very much, but I had too many pets going again!
These are about the same to take care of as the Dinkie / Hitorikko pets.
You can really only be running this pet and no others. They demand a little extra attention.
Virtual pet frogs.
I've not tried them out just yet.

Hana hana mi virtual pet
It's a little plant.
There is a male and a female version, though there's really no reason to have a male. The female will leave you a new seed without him.
It's some what a Dinkie style pet. It's quite unique and very cute.
It is some what demanding though. You have to be there to take care of it all the time and as soon as it beeps, you must attend to it.
It takes in actual light to be healthy too. That is what the red area is on the top.
I don't know what these are called.
Raise a kid! A diet game.
Input height, weight, age and sex. Take care of him or her (your choice) Feed, snack, sports.
The character keeps gaining weight. Every thing you do influences it.
You have 30 days to meet the weight goal. Take good care of him or he will end up in the hospital.
I've not played with him yet.
But thanks to Tamagotchi Square:
I can!
I heard it was a bit of a bear not knowing how to play with him.