Pocket Love, Romi & Julie, Hello kitty love pet

Screens (clockwise from top left)

Karaoke (sing and dance)

Give Flower


At long last, a unique item comes out of the virtual pet fray... Pocket Love, released by Sanrio in a white, cloudy yellow or pink Hello Kitty shape (a couple of other versions exist).

In this version, two cats, Dora-chan and Mike-chan are having a virtual relationship. It is up to you to make the relationship reach it's "Love Love Happy End". In this game, you select the blood type and astrological sign of the two cats and set about making them happy in their relationship.

Bad Events Of course, not all goes well sometimes. In fact, things can get pretty gruesome. The two can get mad at each other, or she can catch him looking at a nice piece of erm... tail. Or he gets sick (or she shoots him in a fit of rage, take your pick... see the 3rd photo down to see what I mean). Or the male cat goes off singing on the back fence leaving her alone for the evening. Any of these things can strain a budding relationship between two red-blooded cats.

Fix their problems by meddling in their affairs and the two hold hands and dance. If you are totally successful, and the "Love Love Meter" reaches 100%, the game ends with the two cats against a heart backdrop. But if the meter drops to 0%, the game ends with the two having irreconcilable differences.

Screens (from top to bottom)

Fight (argument)
Rival Appears
Partner gets sick
Left Alone


*Congratulations! You now own the one and only Kitty Virtual Friendship Game. See how good of a friend you can be. Play & test your friendship skills. Learn how to be a good friend like Hello Kitty and all her pals!

Setting the Clock:

Use a pen or pencil to push the reset button on the back of the game
Press both A & B
Press B to select correct Hour
Press A
Press B to select correct minutes
Press C
Press B to select A, B, O, or AB for their personality types (Ed: actually this is supposed to be the blood type)
Press C (Ed: here you select their astrological sign, but this was omitted in the English instructions)
Press B
Returning to Clock Mode:

Press B to switch from Game Mode to Clock Mode
This is the normal game screen

(Pic of cats holding hands) = The two friends are happy & do not need anything

How to play:

When the game makes a noise that means you have to check & see what it needs.
Check what is on the screen & choose the correct symbol to make the friends happy.
Symbols of Functions:

Not getting along
Choosing other friends
Friend is hurt
All alone

Chance to increase percentage:

-Each day you are given a few chances to increase your score. Push B until you see the scale.

(Chance Scale omitted)

This will tell you if you have a chance to increase your percentage. You have 4 options to increase your score:

  Have a soda together

Sing a song

Give a gift

Or give a sign of affection

Note: these activities may not be done if the scale is empty.

To check on your progress:

Press B twice to see your score
Press C to return to the game screen
*When you see this on the screen it means the friends are sleeping. They cannot be disturbed when they are sleeping.

Game Over:

(Pic of Cats with heart backdrop omitted) = 100% You're an excellent friend

(Pic of Cats facing opposite directions with broken heart in between ommited) = 0% Try again to improve your friendship skills.