Tamagotchi V4
A Tamagotchi Version 4 walkthrough/guide by Everly :0)
Here I am going to go in depth with the Tamagotchi V4 as well as I can! I will first start out with the Icons.

The first Icon is the Health Meter, you know it cause all Tamagotchis have it! Here you can view its Age, Weight, Generation, Hunger, and Happiness. Also its Skill points are viewed here. Intellegence, Social, and Art, in that order. When Tamagotchi beeps you can go here to see what he or she needs. The Icon next to that is the Food Icon. You go here to feed Tamagotchi when its hungry. Meal choices are Scone, Sushi, Bread and Cereal. Same as the V3. Snack are the same snacks as the V3. Pudding, Cake, etc.

The next Icon over is the Flush Icon. Go here to clean up after Tamagotchi when he has pood. You can also use the icon to put Tamagotchi on the toilet if you can catch him in time.
The Icon after that one is the Game Icon, You go here to Play games, Shop, Enter Passwords, view Souvenirs and use Items. The first choice is game. When you enter Game when it’s a baby, Jumping Rope will only be available, then at toddler stage Mimic is unlocked. Then Teen Shape, Flag, and Dance are unlocked. The choice under games, is Items. You go here to play with all the nice Items that you buy at the Shop, or friends or the King have givin you. Under Items is Shop. You go here to buy, toys, and treats for your Tamagotchi. Treats depending on type will either appear under Snack OR Meal in the Food Icon. Under Shop is Password. Whenever you get a password, you go here to enter it, to get the prize! Last is Souvenirs! You go here to view all the Souvenirs you brought back from TamaTown!!

The last symbol on the Top is the Connection Icon You go here to connect your Tamagotchi with another one, or take it to school/work! Or to TamaTown! The First choice is Work, when your Tamagotchi is in School or has a job, go to work and he or she will go off to tama town to either learn or slave its poor life away. 

The next choice is PC. If you want to go to TamaTown simply go here and pick PC to get a code. You imput your Username, and this code into TamaTown to gain access. After PC is Connect. I am pretty sure I do not have to explain myself here!

The Icon on the bottom left is the Discipline Icon, you go here to give Tamagotchi Time Out when it beeps for no reason. Or a Praise if it beeps at you, and its crying. Tamagotchis need emotional support too. ;0)  The Icon after that is the Medicine Icon, go here when Tamagotchi needs Medicine if it is sick, or you gave it a toothache by feeding it too much candy (bad you). The Icon after that is the Mail Bag Icon. When Tamagotchi Gets Mail you go here to read it. The Star mail, is a fortune cookie, it will rate 3 different subjects by stars. 1, 2, or 3 stars. The more stars the better. This Star mail will tell you, how healthy your Character will be that day, how well it will get money and how well it makes friends with others.

The Second Mail choice is a Letter. Random stuff happens here! You may get a letter from the King and get something really nice! Or you may get a letter that you’ve been burglarized and will loose money. Sometimes some idgit with no life will send you a pile of poop. That will lower all your happy hearts (so lame). The last mail choice is Event Mail you only get these when you are notified to go to school, or you’ve graduated, or its time to get a job etc. You get one as a Toddler for you to go to kindergarden. You will get another one when it’s a Teen that’s telling you you graduated Kindergarden and right after get another one telling you, you can go to regular school now. This is the fun part! You get to choose which Teacher you want. When you get the Teacher letter for your teen and you go to TamaTown to get the teacher.

The Turtle teacher will appear there. He raises Intellegence points! If you want to Raise Social points instead, press A as soon as the Turtle guy comes on the screen, and you will scroll to the next teacher.
The Flower Sensei. She will raise Social Points. If you want to Raise social points press A one more time and the Canvas guy will appear. He does social point. If you let a certain teacher Idle there for 5 seconds and you don’t press any of the buttons You will be forced to get that teacher. This is the same way with jobs, you can choose Jobs too.

The next Icon is the Friend List Icon. Go here to view all your friends. All your Tamagotchi you had that died can be viewed there. Plus all the parents that left and went to TamaTown. You can also go here to wrap or throw away presents too. You can also donate points to the King here, and view how many you have donated. The last Icon doesn’t do anything but light up when Tamagotchi calls for you. If you see this lit, check to see what it needs and take care of it as needed.


The last one you enter WILL NOT  give you the item that the password is for. Instead, it will give you
the cell phone. If you still want that last item, go back to the shop and re-enter the code. I strongly recommend entering the CD code  last as it is a free item.

ACAB ACAC (steak)
BAAB ACBA (clone)
CCBA AABB (honey/love potion)

There have also been 2 universal passwords that have been found for the V4. They came from the Tamagotchi Corner Shop 2 game. NOTE; I did not find these myself! They were found and posted on TamaTalk.

40690 89391 (Will give you a PlayHouse)
52815 99088 (Will give you a Slide)

Phone codes