The Japanese Angels came in white pink and blue.
On the market in August 1997.
The Tamagotchi Angel should be a standard in every collection.
It's a nice medium maintenance pet and one of the best to start up if you just don't really know what you want to play with next.
There are two versions of the Angelgotchi (Tenshi no Tamagotchi)

The versions changed Sept. 1997
They have a different LCD, where the traditional Tamagotchi menu  icons are replaced by Angelgotch icons.  The fork and spoon  are now just a spoon, the omaru (duck) is now a butt with angel  wings.  The hypodermic is now a cupid's bow and arrow, the
attention icon became a happy face with angel wings.       
There is no "weight", you just pump up it's Tenshi Power
(TP) by feeding it chocolate.
Japanese Hana-bi (Fireworks) Angel Tamagotchi. Special release for the Beat Takeshi (Battle Royle, Zatoiji) Movie.