Enter your name: Touch B or D to go different places. A and C choose your letters. E to confirm.
Enter your cat's name using the same method.
Then enter the date and time.

Once you have confirmed the time, your cat will meow and the game starts.

Ask your kitty to come over by touching E
He will show you his basket if you slide your finger through the sensors from right to left DEB. Your cat will meow twics if he understands your instruction and will then act accordingly.

Now slide through the sensorsfrom the bottom to the right C D to hear how the cat meows when he forgets an action to do lack of training and clide through the sensors from the bottom sensor to the left C B for the meowing sound when your cad toes not understand your instruction at all.

Menu Instructions

Touch D and B simultaneously to enter the menu screen. the different functions available are grouped in to six categories. They are Caring, Games, Graining, Video, Camera and Setup.
Touch B D repeatedly to browse through menu items. Touch E to confirm the selection. Finally touch A and C successively to leave the menu screen.

Anipalz Cat Instructions