Tekno Bots
"Tekno" family of robots made by the Manley Toy Quest company.
The manufacturer describes the Dinkie Robots:
The Tekno Dinkie robot walks along with turning its head amd moving its arms. Each robot has a unique personality. The Tekno Dinkie robot comes with artificial intellgence that allows it to speak two languages interact with other Dinkie robots.

There is also a dog that goes with the set, but I don't have it yet.
All of them but the baby bot can walk. Their LCD screen is very expressive, really cute!
They play games, communicate with all the other bots, they interact with the website, they speak their own language and are motion sensitive. Nice and complecated as a robot pet should be.
Flash the robotic turtle.
Put your mouse on the picture to see him without his shell!
Flash talks a lot. He talks about stuff he's thinking.
Here he is eating from his feeding bottle.
He can be programmed to wake up at any time and wake you up too.
He can be programed to sing and dance and to make rude noises!

There are a lot more robots in the Tekno line of bots.
There is a small cat and mouse, Boomer the dog , puppy, kitty, scarab, parrot, Roscoe the frog, Rex and Steg the battling dinosaurs and Mack the fish.
These guys talk and talk all the time.
If you keep one next to another, they can carry on a conversation maybe for ever!
They are very nice though aside from the constant jabbering.
It plays a UFO shooting game, you do need to keep them healthy and happy. Their interaction buttons are on the back of their heads.