The best thing about this pet (this is the English package, the Japanese package is very similar) is the warning on the back:

The Nekotcha Virtual Pet, once born, is your sole responsibility. We cannot accept any complaints for illness, injury, or death resulting from neglect of your virtual pet!
Operation of the pet:

Reset the unit
Use metal contact to insert into the button (on the backside of the casing) to reset the unit.

Set the current time

) Press the Time button (12:00) appears
) Press the Choice button (12:00) will be flashed for setting/adjust the hour
) Press the Select button to set the HOUR setting and to adjust the MINUTE setting. (00:00 will be flashed for setting/adjust the MIN.)
) Press the Select button to set the MINUTE basis
) Press the Choice button to confirm the MIN setting and it will start the Silent Period setting
Set the Silent Period

) After finishing the Current time setting, (20:00 will be displayed) It is the starting period.
) Press the Select button to change the starting hour.
) Press the Choice button again to confirm the Starting Hour and to set the Ending Hour (06:00 will be displayed)
) Press the Select button to change the ending hour.
) Press the Menu button to confirm the above setting.

. All the Feeding options with mark "X" mean that this particular options are available as per the started STAGES.
. During the Feeding options selection, the cat will be responded whether it likes the choice or not.
. The cat will sometimes respond in Arbitrarily random manner upon the Choice selection. That means the player should be very careful to select the Feeding choices.
.The TIME display in the unit is only the virtual time for the pet. Player can adjusted the time for any discrepancy.
Feeding Procedure

) Press the menu button to go into the Menu Bar for selecting the Feeding Options (total 9 options provided), namely HUNGARY, TOILET, ILLNESS, BODY-CHECKING, EXCERCISE, PLAYING, INJURY, SLEEPING, DATING
) Press the Select Button to confirm the selection among those Feeding Options.
) Press the Choice Button to choose the optional items. 2 to 3 items are provided.
) The virtual pets will reponse upon the selecting choice.
) Repeat the above Feeding procedure regularly. *NB. Each of optional items have either a positive OR negative effect to the virtual pet in growing stages. Player has to select the Optional items very carefully.*
) The alarm signal will also be raised at the beginning of each of Hours to notify the player to care for the virtual pet. One of the particular feeding options will be flashed for your selection. Player has to choose very carefully.
) Each growing stages are monitored by the health in dictator ( 5 heart figures ) with half increment/decrement basis.
) The virtual pet will proceed to the next mature stages stages whenever they aquire 4 to 5 hearts.
The health condition of each stage of the pet will be re-Checked again in 24 hours basis to determine whether it has ability to grow up / proceed to next stage OR it is unsatisfactory to a critical condition or even DEAD!.
) Player are required to Feed the pets until they grow to mature and get marriage for next generation. The Feeding cycle will be re-started again.
) Plater has to be very serious about their feeding chice. For more be than 5 improper feeding Choice being selected, the virtual pet will be very very critical for its health.
The Feeding Cycle of the NEKOTCHA is shown below

  ^                                   |
  |                                   V
  |                              SMALL STAGE 2
  |                                   |
  |                                   V
  |                              SMALL STAGE 3
  |                                   |
  |                                   V
  |                               BIG STAGE 1
  |                                   |
  |                                   V
  |                               BIG STAGE 2
  |                                   |
  |                                   V
  |                               BIG STAGE 3
  |                                   |
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