Tamagotchi Color
McDonald's happymeal seeds: 17140 03794
Baked sweet potato: 58748 72213
Hapihapi seeds: 84328 41937
Exile letter seeds: 93151 09844
Christmas cake: 37414 95226

Rainbow – Use the purple watering pail on a plant on a clear, sunny day.
Shooting Star – Use the telescope on a clear night.
Popsicle Stick – Eat the blue popsicle(s)
4-leaf Clover – Use the magnifying glass on a sapling on a sunny day.
Tea – drink it!
Cloud Heart – Go outside on a partly cloudy (or clear?) day.
Hapihapi – Eat the pink heart w/ leaves (grown from an envelope tree).

Insert Batteries and Press Reset
There is no pull tab to hatch it. You have to install the batteries. Look at the diagrams at the bottom of page 2 in the instruction manual. While pressing in on the small button in the middle of the battery door, the door can be removed by sliding it sideways. Many toys have one battery facing up, the other down, but in the TMGC+C both batteries are installed facing the same direction. After closing the battery door, press the reset button using something pointy but blunt, such as a straightened paperclip, or a flat toothpick.

Initial Setup
A short tune will play, then the date & time set screen will appear. I don't think I need to go into details for these steps. Anyone who has hatched any model Tamagotchi made in the past five years should be familiar with setting: the date & time, your birth date, and entering a name.

The Egg
An egg will appear on screen. It will hatch after a minute or so.

Keeping Jr. Alive
The status screens are shown on page 6 in the instruction manual. The first status screen shows hungry and happy levels. Hungry level is shown at the top of the first screen. The display ranges from four empty circles (in need of food) to four rice bowls. Immediately below this is the Happy bar graph. As happiness is increased, a pink bar moves towards the right. Hungry and Happy levels are all I'm going to explain at this point.

Feed Me
Activate the fork & knife icon (second from the left in the top row of icons.) The top entry in the menu is meals, and the second entry is snacks. As usual, meals fill hunger needs, and snacks increase happiness. Each entry has a sub-menu. Built-in meals include rice-ball, sandwich, and oden (boiled things on a stick.) Built-in snacks are banana, chewing gum, and sake (younger characters will refuse sake.)

Oh Poo!
If your character is doing the shuffle and is surrounded by wiggle lines, or if he's already poo'd, activate the toilet icon (middle in the top row of icons.)

Play With Me
To play games you need to go to the Game Center. Activate the door icon (second from the right in the top row of icons.) Note: you can't go out at certain times such as late night and early morning, or during certain types of weather. When the door icon is activated, the destinations menu will appear. The Game Center is the first entry on the first page. Once you've arrived at the Game Center, you'll be be able to select from three games: catch the apples, card match, and target shoot.

Catch the Apples: each apple changes from green to yellow to red before falling. Catch them in the basket. Avoid the insect. A = move basket to the left, B = move the basket to the right, C = quit the game. When the basket is at the left, pressing A moves it to the right-most position. When the basket is at the right, pressing B moves it to the left-most position.

Card Match: you'll get a brief glimpse of the cards before they're turned face-down. Match the pairs, but avoid the demon card.

Target Shoot: hit all three targets within 9 seconds. Avoid hitting the demon balloon(s). A = move the bow down, B = shoot, C = cancel. When the bow is at the bottom, pressing A moves it to the top.

I Don't Feel So Well
If a skull or decayed tooth appears as shown at the top of page 13 in the instruction manual, you need to administer some medicine. To do so, activate the first-aide kit icon (left-most on the bottom row of icons.)

There. That's the basics. Everything else, I'll leave for you to discover on your own.

P.S. a few last things you might want to know about:

Turning the Sound On & Off
While inside the house, and while no icons are lit, press and hold the C button, then press the A button. A Sound on / off menu will appear. The top option is on, the bottom option is off.

Adjusting the Date & Time
While inside the house and while no icons are lit, press the B button until the clock screen appears. The B button is used to scroll through inside-the-house, outside-the-house and the clock screens, so you may have to press it more than once to get to the clock screen.
At the clock screen, pressing the A button by itself toggles between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats.
At the clock screen, press and hold the C button, then press the A button to go the clock-set screen.

Adjusting the Screen Brightness
At the clock screen, press and hold the C button, then press the B button to go to the screen brightness adjustment screen. The A button lowers the brightness, the B button increases the brightness, and the C button saves your setting and exits back to the clock screen. Note: even when set to its lowest level, the screen is very easy to see in a brightly lit room. I can't say how well it would look in bright sunlight, since it's been overcast here lately.
This page was last updated: June 23, 2009