This Entama used to be the Pink Frill design.
Nicely done with metallic emerald green and some stickers from the entama guide book. There are a coupld of Dragon Ball referances on it too. :0)
This one was doine by Skillful Abbot at TamaTalk.
ChocoSilver Entama.
Some basic sticker cusomizations but the highlight of this one is the glow in the dark screen!
This also by Skillful Abbot at Tamatalk.
This is an Akai Keitai Tamagotchi done as a Pokeball.
I can't tell just what it is done with. I found this on the YahooJP auctions about a year ago.
It's made to stand up, even though it's not standing there. I wish I'd changed the buttons, but I didn't have a good color to switch them with, and now the shell is stuck shut with paint/glue so there's no opening it all the way back up.
It's actually very purple, not blue, but I can't get it to show up right in photos.
This one was done by gyara at TamaZone.
V3 (originally the blue circles design).
The paint was removed, the buttons changed, and added stickers and beads.
Simple and beautiful!
Done by cyann at TamaZone.
This was changed in to ------------------------> This!
Tabitha Emerson's "Jack"
Customized Tamagotchis

These customs were not done by me.
I have only collected these pictures from friends and from the lovely people at TamaZone.
Take a look at the whole topic for greater detail.
Another amazing creation by gyara at TamaZone.
Pink "Ta" entama Blinged out.
This one is from PockyGirl at TamaZone.
AngelGotch themed T-Mobile sidekick by Lucas F.
Why limit the mods to just Tamagotchis? ;o)