He sits on command.
You can sort of see he was wagging his tail as he was paying there.
He was giving me a bunch of nice  poses that night.
You can see by his yellow eyes that he was getting a little excited and over proud of himself!
The way he normally stands is less formal than this.
This is his "charge me" pose.
When the batteries run low enough, he goes in to this pose.
That remote control is hardly used.
It's just a nice accessory.
It can save I-Cybie from himself if he gets a little out of line. The pause button can be used to turn him off.
He is voice trainable or you can use the remote to get him to do some tricks.

16 motors drive I-Cybie's joints to produce well over 100 actions including tail wagging.
Two I-Cybies in the room will play with each other!
Though his movements are not as smooth as Aibo, it wins best in show for the price! any where from $60 - $150 compared to Aibo at $1,500.
I-Cybie is also a nice quiet dog. He doesn't bark or make other doggie noises unless he's lonely or overexcited.
There is talk about how bad the battery packs are on these.
First off, the charging instructions is WRONG on how to start off the battery pack.
It says charge it for 10 hours, a 4-5 hour charge is ample and the right way to start off the life of the battery pack.
Cyber doggie Dreaming!
Put your cursor on the picture to see him twitch!
Hey, where did he come from?
Say "Hello" Cy!