Ganbare!! Ryuuta-kun

This pet tends to be qite *LOUD*. Pushing buttons, playing the game, But if I remember correctly, you can turn the sound off. I recommend doing so as turning the sound off also saves the batteries from draining sooner.

There are 10 different ways to look after him, feeding him, playing with him, and cleaning him. He will grow day by day if he is well looked after. On the other hand, he will die if he is not properly cared for.

A. Activiating the Electronic Pet
Remove the tape at the back of the product to start the clock at 12:00AM. Set the clock before starting the game so as to match the game time with real time. Following real time is suggested in order to coincide with the daily routine of the player. The product can serve to tell time as well!
B. Setting the Clock
Press Key 1 and Key 3 together in the clock mode to set clock.
Press Key 2 to shift the flashing digit from left to right.
Press Key 1 to advance the flashing digit.
Press Key 3 to set the time.
Remarks - "Odd" and "Even" are relevant only in the gme playing mode when the game playing icon function is in use.
C. Switching Between Game and Clock Mode
Pressing Key 2 in clock mode will switch the product to game mode. You can always check the time by pressing Key 2 to switch back to clock mode.
D. Starting The Game/Bringing the Dinosaur to Life
Press Key 4 on the back side of the product to start the game. Please remember to set the time before you start.
E. Icons for Taking Care of the Electronic Pet
Every time you hear a beeping sound or see the "request" icon ( ), you should immediately find out the need of your aby dinosaur. It is up to you to discover what his need is. Never ignore his signals/icons.

There are 10 different icons for your selection:

Age and Weight Index
Food Index
Happiness Index
Obedience Index

Food [Fork and Spoon]
Games [Tennis Racket]
Love [Heart]
Study Time [Pencil]
Cleaning [Bathtub]
Clothing [Shirt]
Light [Lightbulb]
Medicine [Cross]
Request [Hands]

You move through the menu by pressing Key 1. Each time you press it, one of the icons will appear on the display. By pressing Key 2, you can fulfill the baby dinosaur's request by activating the icon you have chosen. If the dinosaur does not need the function you select, he will refuse the item/function you selected. Press Key 3 at any time to return to the icon menu.

F. Status of the Baby Dinosaur (Statistics Icon)
* Press Key 1 to enter the first icon/function. A scale will appear at the upper left hand side of the display

* This icon can be used to check the status of the baby dinosaur. By pressing this icon button, you can check the dinosaur's age, weight, food intake, happiness quotient and obedience level. The level of each will indicate if the dinosaur should eat, play, study, etc.

* After you have entered into the Statistics Icon, press Key 2 once to check the Age and Weight Index.

The display will indicate the age in years and the weight in units as illustrated above. The units represent pounds of kilograms depending on the measurement system in the country of use.

* Press Key 2 again to check the Food Index. The baby dinosaur eats rice and candy. The amount of food he has eaten is indicated by the number of open-mouthed faces displayed below the food. If no faces are displayed, the dinosaur needs food. The maximum number of faces is 4 which indicates that the dinosaur is full.

* If you press Key 2 a third time, the Happiness Index will appear. The number of happy faces that appear indicate how happy the dinosaur feels at the time. 4 is the maximum number (happiest).

* If you press Key 2 a fourth time, the Obedience Index will appear. The number of obedient faces indicate how well the dinosaur has been behaving. The higher the number, the better the behavior. 4 is the highest possible number (most obedient).

G. Food Feeding (Food Icon)
Use Key 1 to move to the Food Icon. Feeding either rice or candy to the dinosaur will satisfy the dinosaur's appetite. However, if you feed him too much candy, he'll get sick!

Once inside the Food Icon, press Key 2 to display hte rice and candy. The arrow on the display will point either to the rice or the candy. You can move the arrow by presing Key 1. Once you have made your selection, press Key 2 again to feed the dinosaur. If he is not hungry, he will refuse the food by shaking his head.

H. Game Playing
Playing games with the baby dinosaur is important so he does not get bored. The object of the game is to guess the number of faces displayed will be odd or even. Press Key 1 for odd, and Key 2 for even. If your guess is correct, the baby dinosaur will not be happy and a crying face will show on the display. If your guess is incorrect, the baby dinosaur will be happy because he has won the game. In this case, a laughing face will show on the display. The dinosaur is happiest when you let him win!

I. Love (Love/Heart Shaped Icon)
Every baby needs love! Yu should check from time to time to see if the baby dinosaur is getting enough attention. After you have moved to the heart shaped icon (Love Icon). Press Key 2. A shaking frowning head with a heart above it will appear on the display. Press Key 2 again. If a shaking frowning face appears (without a heart above it), the dinosaur does not need love at that time. If a laughing face appears, the baby dinosaur accepts your affection.

J. Teaching the Baby Dinosaur
The player should encourage the baby dinosaur to study in order to improve his education level. This is part of disciplining the baby dinosaur. Once inside the Study Time Icon, press Key 2 to instruct the dinosaur to practice reading. A book will show on the display. Press Key 2 again to see if the dinosaur agrees to study. A laughing face will appear on the display if he wants to read.

K. Cleaning the Baby Dinosaur (Cleaning/Shower Icon)
After each feeding, the dinosaur will have to go to the toilet. After the dinosaur goes to the toilet, you must clean him. The Cleaning Icon is indicated by the shower image display. Once the Cleaning Icon is displayed, press Key 1 to clean the baby dinosaur. If he does not need cleaning a shaking head will appear.

L. Dressing/Undressing the Baby Dinosaur (Clothing Icon)
Before going to sleep each night, you need to put on the dinosaur's pajamas so he does not catch cold. In the morning, you should remove the pajamas. Press Key 2 once inside the Clothing Icon to dress or undress the baby dinosaur.

M. Putting the Baby Dinosaur to Sleep/Waking the Baby Dinosaur (Light Icon)
The dinosaur's sleeping time is from 9:00PM to 8:00AM each day. When it is time for the baby dinosaur to go to sleep, you must turn off the light. First, move to the Light Icon by pressing Key 1. Press Key 2 to illustrate the light on and light off. Use Key 1 to move from "light on" to "light off". Press Key 2 to select the function. When the baby is sleeping "Z's" will appeat on the display. During the designated sleeping hours, only the light function will work.

N. Medical Treatment (Medicine Icon)
When the baby dinosaur gets sick, you must give it medicine so it will get better and stay healthy. If you do not treat it, the dinosaur will feel bad and lose weight.

O. Needs of the Baby Dinosaur (Request Icon)
If there is anything the dinosaur needs, a beep will sound and theRequest Icon will appear. You must figure out the need of your dinosaur by selecting the correct icon from the menu. After you have satisfied the needs, the Request Icon will vanish.

P. Death of the Baby Dinosaur
If you do not take care of the dinosaur by fulfilling its requests and meeting its basic needs, the dinosaur will die. A cross will appear on the display when this happens. This will signal the end of the game. You can restart the game by pressing Key 4 on the back of the product.
This page was last updated: February 7, 2007