The Cave man Tamagotchi
Peking Man, Primitive man.
Released in November 1997.
I don't find Genjinchi all that impressive.
The characters aren't all that cute and it gets monotonous after a while.
It's interesting as a collectible Tamagotchi and the bone graphics on the shell are a nice touch, but there isn't magic in it like most of the other Tamagotchis and virtual pets in general.
Being a Cave Man Tamagotchi, it could have been more imaginative.
I get the same characters most of the time which of course makes it even more uninteresting for me.
Of course this is only my personal opinion. I know others really enjoy this pet.

This one will regress in progress if you neglect it. That is an interesting touch. But it's just not cute enough to keep me interested.
It also seems to be a bit high maintenance. Maybe the new Tamagotchis just got me spoiled. ;0)
Last played with: mid March, 2006