Easily the best of the Star Wars pets.
Keep him well fed!
My favorite thing is when he eats the doctor!
I guess that means he's all better.
The most fearsome beast in the galaxy is yours to train and command.
Take him apart, tinker around, upgrade!
I have tried to play with him a few times and fail miserably. If by chance you would know how to keep him happy and alive, please write in!
I'll even post your pointers and credit you if you would like.
Last updated on: February 7, 2007
Here's another one I can't seem to figure out.
Yoda teaches you!
Most of the tricks have to do with telekenesis and levetation.
Once again, I could really use some help here. . .
Giga Fighters.
I've not tried them out yet so I don't know any thing about them yet.
Giga Alien.
I really like this one but it does not play at all like a Giga Pet.
You don't train it to do a trick every day like Gigas do.
It's guts are very Nano Pet. Not a Giga in any way. Purely Nano. Not that that is a bad thing. :0)
Giga Pets Frankenstein!
I'm not crazy about it. Your mission is to kill him off!
Reduce his power points by hunting him down, waving torches at him,  electrifying him or calming him by showing him a beautiful face  (bride of Frankenstein) in to losing power points. Kinda sad.
I'd have liked it better if you just took care of him to make him in
to a friendly happy guy. It's not his fault he's abnormal. :0(
I didn't play with him very long. It is not easy to be motivated to kill some thing off. :0(
He growls and there's also screaming sounds and when his power
drains after you win a fight, there is a draining sound.

There's also a Mummy one.
It's a nicely done Giga but it's just so sad.