Pull plastic tab. or put in new batteries.

Set the CLOCK
It is very important you set the clock to the correct time. Your Looney Tunes Giga Pets eat, play, and sleep according to a natural schedule. If you don't set the time correctly, they may get confused. You don't want them to sleep all day and keep you awake at night.
When you start the game, you will be in clock mode.
1)   The hour will be flashing. Press Left/Right to adjust the hour. When the correct hour is set, press Enter.
2)   The Minutes will be flashing. Press Left/Right to adjust the minutes. When the correct minutes are set, press Enter.
3)   The clock is now set, you will automatically start the intro sequence and the NAME mode.

1) A flashing bar will appear undet the space for each letter and numbers.
2) Press Left/Right to search through the alphabet and numbers.
3)Press Enter to select a latter or number and move to the bnext space in the Looney Tunes characters name. You may use up to 12 letters or numbers.
4) Press Enter twice to accept the current name and return to Game Mode.
NOTE: The name you enter is for your individual unit, NOT the characters in it.

While in the NAME MODE, enter the word "STOP". This will then pause the clock.
The Looney Tunes pet will still be able to move around the screen but the clock will not advance. To deactivate the PAUSE function, re-enter the NAME mode and enter the word "NORMAL". This will resume the clock to real time.

Turning off the SOUND
1)Press Mode to enter Clock Mode.
2)Press Left to turn the sound off--the sound (bell) will disappear.
3) Press Left again to turn the sound on--the Sound (bell) will appear again.
Press Mode again to return to Game mode.

When you enter Game Mode for the first time, you will see the arrival of your new virtual friend. Every one arrives in a different way. Each character will break through a curtain announcing their arrival.

Returning to CLOCK mode.
Once the game begins in Game mode, you can return to Clock mode by pressing MODE.
1) If you wish to adjust the clock, press Enter. The clock will start flashing.
2) After you set the time, then you re-enter your name. Press Enter twice after you finish.
3) To return to Game Mode, press Mode and your Looney Tunes characters wil appear again.

The four main Looney Tunes characters can be 'alive' at once in the game but you can only play with one character at a time. The scores and other important imformation for each of your Looney Tunes characters will remain suspended until they are selected.
You begin the game with Bugs Bunny, If you are able to keep Bugs health above 80% or better for 5 days, Taz will then be activated.
If you are able to keep the health of both Bugs and Taz above 80%for a total age of 10 days, Daffy will be activated. Finally if you keep all three of them above 80% for a total age of 20 days, Tweety will then be activated.

How to select a character
Once you have more than one Looney Tunes character activated, return to Clock Mode by pressing Mode. Press Mode again to see a profile screen of the current character you are playing with.
Press Right to cycle through thte different characters. To rerurn to Game Mode, press Enter and your new character will appear.

BONUS characters
You can earn Yosemite Sam and unlock Road Runner!
You must have any other characters' scorescore equal to 100 to EARN the right to get Yosemite Sam. To unlock Road RUnner, you must enter a secret password in the Name Mode screen. The password is "ACME".

Voice activation.
If voice activation is turned on, certain activities can be triggered by sound.
If a Looney Tunes character is taking a nap during the day, vioce activation will DISCIPLINE the character to discourage this behavior.
If your friend is off screen, voice activation will trigger your friend to walk back on screen.

Turning off voice activation
1) Press Mode to enter clock mode.
2) Press Right to turn the voice activation off.-- The voice activation icon (bell and sound) will disappear.
3) Press Right again to turn the voice activation on. -- the voince activation icon (bell and sound) will appear again.
Press Mode again to return to game mode.

Feed -- first icon-- (chefs hat icon)
When you select this activity, you will be given a choice of foods for your character. Use the Left or Right key to select either healthy food or treats. The healthy food is shown on the left side of the screen and the treats are shown on the right side.
Each character prefers different foods. Your friend needs healthy food to stay healthy and treats to stay happy.

You can check how hungry your character is by checking the hunger score ( Looney Tunes logo icon, second on the bottom)
A 100 means your character has a full tummy. and a 0 means your character is starving!  Try to keep the hunger at at least 80 at all times. Do feed treats, but not too many.

Select the pillow icon (second on top) to turn off the lights when your character wants to sleep. Your character may want to take naps during the day. Turn off the lights when he wants to take a snooze to make him happy.
Some times it's hard to tell when your character needs to sleep. If your character doesn't want to eat, play or accept a cleaning, it may need a little nap.

Play (tennis racket icon)
To keep your character happy and healthy, you shuld play with it often.
Each character has two ways to play.  Press Right to select which activity you would like and Enter to start. Yosemete Sam and Road Runner have only one game to play.

Looney Tunes Giga Pets Plus
This page was last updated: February 7, 2007