Dinkie Penguin / Yuki Penguin Instructions

Setting the clock:
After the tab is removed, the unit will enter clock mode
Press Enter to enter clock set mode, the Hour will begin flashing.
Set the current Hour Press the Left key to increase the Hour
Press the RIght key to set the current Minute. Press the left key to invcrease the minutes
Press Enter to confirm clock settings
Press Clock to enter game mode

How to play
Dinkie Pencuin needs your special care to grow up healthily and you have to figure out what it needs at different times. Use the Left Right keys to move to the acticity you wnt to chose then press enter.

Select this icon to give a drink to your penguin.

When you select this icon, you will be given a choice of foods for your penguin. Press the Left/Right key to chose between fish, pizza, apple, watermelon, ice-cream or noodles. You will find that the kind of food your pet has eaten will directly affect it's life and well-being. ;0)

Select this icon to turn the lights on/off.

Select this activity to discipline your penguin when it gets angry.

Dinkie wil get sick sometimes. Select this activity to give it a medical injection. If it's not sick it will refuse.

To keep Penguin disciplined and behaving properly, you should select this activity and let it study sometimes.

Sometimes Dinkie will get dirty (body turns dark) and you must give it a shower. Select this icon to give it a shower and get him clean. If you don't shower him when he needs, it, he may get sick easily.

Air conditioning:
The optimum temperature for Dinkie is 15 degrees.
Too cold or too hot will make it uncomfortable and he could get sick easily.
When you see him shiver or if he gets hot you will see an angry face. Try to keep the optimum temperature by turning the air conditioning on/off and let it have a nice enviornment.

To keep your pet happy, you should play with it often.
When you select this activity, you and Dinkie will play rock/paper/siscors. chose your selection by pressing the Left/right key and see who wins.

Chose this icon to check on your penguins progress. Use the Left/right key to display screens showing Dinkie's current age, weight, hunger thirst, temperature, happiness and discipline. You can determine from these stats what Dinkie needs and tak care of it right away.

When Dinkie needs something, it will alarm you by beeping. You should then check from the report what it wants.

Game over:
Game is over when Dinkie dies. It can die from old age or bad health if you do not take good care of it.

To swicth the sound on/off in game mode (when no icons are lit) Press and hold the Left and right keys at the same time for 3 seconds.

Restarting the game:
Press the reset key at the back of the unit.