Mezamatchi Alarm Clock
Tamagotchi Mezamatch Alarm Clock

I will include a pdf file that was shared with me and include my own notes on this tamagotchi.

There are 4 small buttons across the top with a reset button. Then underneath is the large button.

The first small one scrolls backward through numbers, date, time, and other selections during set-up. It also takes you to the alarm set-up on the normal clock screen & the ‘HI’ option in the ‘Hi-Low’ game.

The second button scrolls forward through selections. It also takes you to the ‘Date’ screen on the normal clock screen & if you press the large button underneath it takes you to the ‘Event’ screen. It’s also the ‘LOW’ option in the ‘Hi-Low’ game.

The third button is ‘Enter’ or ‘Confirm’ on the set-up screens. On the normal screen it takes you to the Fortune Telling and Game Menu.

The fourth button is the ‘CANCEL’ button. That’s all it does is cancel selection and return you to the normal clock screen.

After setting the time, date, day of the week, you will have an egg on the screen. Unlike ‘normal’ tamagotchis, you do not have to feed or clean up after this one. There are only 2 options under the third button: Fortune Telling & Game. To be able to access the fortune telling you should previously set up your birthday under the second button. (All buttons are numbered left to right)

The First button is the ‘Alarm’. You can set it if you’d like, I chose not to. If you do set it you risk loosing your tamagotchi character when your alarm goes off. It will beep and the screen fills with poo. If you do not hit the large button underneath the 4 smaller ones quickly enough it will die. Pressing the large button will stop your alarm. It also, on the regular screen, will turn the alarm on/off.

The Second button. This one lets you set up birthdays and special events. Press the second button and then the large button underneath. This will bring up the icons. (If you press the only the second button it will just scroll the date across the top of the screen) The ‘Cake’ is of course for birthdays. When you choose this icon you will see the character on the left and a number 1 (one) on the right. This is where you can store 1-4 different birthdays. Choose whichever number you want, 1-4 and press the third button to confirm. Then you enter your birthday. The second icon is a ‘Heart’. Once again select 1-4 and press the third button to confirm. After confirming your number there will be eight different events/icons you can select from.

1.    A Heart, possibly anniversary
2.    A Star
3.    A Smiley Face
4.    A Set of Presents with hearts on either side
5.    A Birthday Cake
6.    A Pair of High Heel Shoes, shopping?
7.    A Diamond Ring
8.    A Knife & Fork, dinner date?

The Third Button. This is Fortune Telling or Game.

Your fortune is told based on your birthday. It will scroll across the top of the screen, then it show ‘LOVE’ and the number of hearts for today. After that it gives you a number, I’m guessing you’re lucky number or a number between 1-10 on how your day will be. Also it might get a treat/snack after the reading.

The game is basic tamagotchi ‘Hi-Low’. There will be a number on the left and your character on the right. Select ‘Hi’ with the first button, or ‘Low’ with the second button. Your character will disappear revealing the answer. Then it’ll be happy or sad based on your choice.

The Fourth Button is just ‘Cancel’, and the Large Button turns the Alarm on/off.