All four Mori colors!  Released in February 1998.
Morino is pretty easy to get along with. Nice medium maintenance pet.
The buttons are slow to respond though which takes a little getting used to but it's a good pet in that there are so many characters.

You can pick if you want them to hatch as hot or cold characters which gives you some control to try to get different characters.
It's thought that getting Imotchi to certain weights gets you certain characters. It seems to be partially true but there also seems to be a lot of luck too. I think there's a lot of randomness in getting characters.
There are a few strategies to go with also, like getting happy leaves filled by saving Imotchi from getting steped on. That saves you from having to play the game which lowers the weight.
This is the only virtual pet that uses a screen saver.
It would not be so bad but it kicks in too quickly. I'd like to see the little bug on the screen a little more before it comes on.
It was nice of Bandai to try something different but the screen saver concept should have remained only an idea.
Prototype advertising.