The Multi-pet family of pets
The first pet of this sort I knew of was the "8-in-1 Zoo Zone" pet.
For quite a while, it was unique and stood out in my collection.
As you scroll through the icons, the the meter for that activity is shown before you select to do the activity. Kinda nice!
Now, there are a few more just like the Zoo-Zone but with more creatures inside.
The way they are played is identical and the screens are still nice, clear and bright.
There are a lot of multi pets coming out of Hong Kong pretending to be other things. or unique pets all their own. Packaged as pets that used to be popular too.
If it says *** in 1 any where on the package, it's a multi pet.
So just be sure you know what you are buying. Some of these can be pretty nice pets but get a good look at the packaging first.