Tamagotchi Music Star
Music star
The music star also known as the V6 is a music based tama. In it, your goal is to raise your tama to become the #1 music star!
When you start out your tama is a egg with a music note on the top. It has 3 presents above it. Once your tama hatches you will get 1 toy, 1 interment, and 3000 gotchi points! You can name your tama with 8 letters now!
Once hatched you’ll notice something under the meter for happy and hunger called stress. Stress is a kind of health. Your tama will practice it's instrument many times a day. While doing that its skill points will go up but so will its stress. You will get a healthier character if you keep your stress low. If your stress goes too high your tama will become angry and not listen to you.

There are 3 games.
The first one is a memory game, the second one is a quick thinking game, and the third one is one where you jump from block to block but be sure not to fall! If you win a game your stress will go down by 10 and your skill points will go up by 30!

You get 2 free foods, a baby food and a baby milk. Only babies and toters can have them.
Once a teen you need to buy all of your food. But don’t worry when your tama is an adalt it will get millions of gotchi points a day as a pay check. You will soon get an invltation to go to school. You will meet 2 other tamas and form a band. It will then ask you to name the band. Again it can be named up to 8 letters. You can also go to the band stats. About a day later your teen will become an adult. When you go back to school your bandmates will evolve too.
For the next 24 hours your tama will be preforming in front of judges until they get all Os. You can also see your tama fame number and number of fans you have at the time screen.
72 hours or so later the band mangier aka matchmaker will offer a mate. If you say yes your tama, the baby, and your tamas mate will all stay on the screen for 24 hours. Then they will leave tacking ½ of your money and you start your next generation. The music star also has a tamatown called music city. There you can earn skill points and shop. The music star has 38 characters. But only 4 are new.
Thanks Josh (tamalove754 from tamatalk) for the writeup!

Tamagotchi :  Music Star!
Hello fellow Tamagotchi Fans :D. I'm Beverly Bernett, aka GotchiGurlBev, and I'm here to try to help you girls and guys out with information on the newest of the Connection Tamagotchis (Infrared) called V6s, or, Music Stars.
As you may know, there are many gorgeous designs and colours to choose from. Each gotchi comes in a nice package that I would recommend serious collectors keep just in case...and a keychain with a cute guitar-pic looking object attached to the keychain that enables your character to go to Tamagotchi Music City, I believe, as your own character, to interact with fellow Music Star fans, visit fun places and get cool things.

First thing to know is when you get your new Gotch, as always, you pull the paper tab out of the side. I would save this, again, just in case. An egg usually shortly appears and out of it, within a few minutes, hatches your new music star baby. If it's black, it is a boy, and if white, a girl. Before it hatches, I believe you are offered to set the month and day, your birthday, and your name. Then the fun begins.
Your girl or boy hatches outta the egg and you must give them a name. One nice feature here is that they've allowed up to 8 digits/spaces so you can be a bit more choosy and creative making up their name. I will let you know, they are quite demanding during this baby stage, in which they look like the usual gumdrop bounding around. They can only eat baby food and milk, which are already provided.

The hearts for hungry and happiness empty quickly, and they need close looking after for the first hour or so, until they will change into a toddler. They beep at you quite often, and have to be fed, cleaned up after as usual, given meds if they become ill (in which you see the usual skull above them) and played with. It is important in my book to play all the games you are able with them at least a few times a day, unless you are into neglecting your gotchis to achieve interesting characters. I cannot allow myself to do this through Gotchi morals, so, I usually end up with very smart, demanding and sometimes pompous Gotchis LOL.

If you will look on the menu or screen icons, there are 5 above, and 5 below. The first one is your status button. You skip from icon to icon by pressing the first button of the 3 on the bottom of your Gotch, or button A, and press B always to select that icon, game, whatever. When you view Status it offers you two choices, player, and band. If you select player, first it shows you the type of gotch you have in a little picture, its sex (male or female) its age in years (or days to you), its weight, and the name you have entered for it. If you go on to the next status screen, you will see the hungry then happy hearts. You should try to keep the hearts filled as best you can. If all 4 hearts are dark, or filled, the gotchi is full, and happy. Feed meals to fill hungry hearts, give snacks OCCASIONALLY (if you give too many the gotchi will get fat, miserable and ill), and play a game, or two, or three LOL, which will be described in a few minutes. The last comment or status on that particular screen is STRESS - and you must try to keep this down as low as you can. You can de-stress your gotch giving snacks, playing games (recommended), practising with your band, praising and letting them play with one of many toys you may select. The next status screen shows your tone, rhythm and originality - which you increase by playing all of the musical games which will be described, and practising with your band or gigging. If you move ahead on status it shows the type of music genre your gotch is into (i.e., hip-hop, rock, asian, classical, r&b, latin, pop). The last screen shows the type of tamagotchi you have got at the moment (it changes as the gotchi evolves or goes thru the 4 stages of its typical growth), the generation of gotchi you have (i.e. how many gotchis you have raised up to this point) and the points you have accumulated through gifts, games or gigging...the last screen on status just shows, again, your gotchi type and your name that you entered for yourself.

The next icon is the food one. You begin as a baby with baby food as a meal, and milk as a snack. Unlike gotchis before this one, you must buy all food with money from the shop...the shop items I believe change 3-4 times a day, and 4 items will always be on sale...everything from toys to musical cds, to stereos to snacks and meals. Meals could be anything from steak or lobster to crepes or burgers, snacks everything from chocolate cake to french fries to milk or juice. BTW, each gotchi has a favourite meal, and a favourite snack, which helps destress it and fills happy hearts - when scrolling through selections of meals with the A button, pay attention to the gotchi's little face - if it suddenly lights up beaming when you hit upon a particular item, give that item to it. It will say GREAT!, and be a very happy gotchi indeed. :) You can get by on baby food through both baby and toddler stages, but then will you obtain money or points either as a gift through a parent or *I actually cannot remember the first time LOL* some other way, but you will have money to buy proper grown-up food after the toddler stage when you become a teen, so don't worry. :) Remember, snacks are for treats and if you give too much, the gotchi will become overweight, thus unhappy and/or ill. If you have allowed your gotchi to overindulge never fear - just take him/her for games, it helps fill happy hearts, and helps them lose weight! :D. When some things seem REALLY expensive, like lobsters and steaks, there is a reason for it, so indulge and buy your gotchi what they deserve! They will reward you for it...

The next icon is self-explanatory to any previous gotchi owner and that's the toilet icon. When your gotchi needs to poo, it will look fidgety and little lines will be at both sides of it - if you can click on the toilet icon quickly enough, you will be rewarded with the adorable sight of seeing your gotchi sitting on either a duck (baby and toddler) or toilet going to the bathroom, which seems to make them quite pleased with themselves! If they poo and you see it on the screen (to the right in the lower corner, looking like the typical poo-pile) just click on the toilet icon and a nice, convenient wave will come and wash everything away, making gotchi happy again :D. Do not let poo accumulate on your gotchi's screen, as this will encourage unhappiness and possibly sickness.
The next icon is the little musical note icon, which is subdivided into 3 categories: music game, instrument and toy.
In the music game section you have 3 game choices, sing a song, music notes and sound block. All three of these are easy, and fun. For sing a song, you just follow the sounds that the gotchi makes using buttons A,B or C. There are 10 tries, to win the game you must get all ten correct, ending up with two six-note tunes to play. Whenever you do well on this game, you increase TONE skills, which are essential for making a good future-musician. You get 30 TONE points for each sing a song game you win. Hint: to make it easy until you get used to the game, they show the three possible notes in the lower half of the screen. Watch those to help you press the right buttons. Whilst hitting the right buttons, your little gotch will be there with a mic, singing her/his lil heart out :D.
In the music notes game, you earn RHYTHM points, again, increasing your future-music-playing skills. The gotchi, on the right lower part of the screen, stands on a platform-looking object above a horn and jumps on the horn according to your direction, as notes fall from the top. It starts slowly, and becomes increasingly more difficult. You must, to win the game, catch 100 notes correctly. It is easy to get quite good at this game and never lose it, you will grow faster and it will become second-nature to you the more you play. There are 4 kinds of notes which will fall, and you scroll through them pressing the A button, B button to select that note to match the notes as they fall. You must always complete the line of notes closest to the ground before you move onto the next line.
The last music game is called Sound Block, and is a fun game to play which takes a bit more practising than the others to win every time, but if you play enough, you will see there are distinct patterns. Boxes will appear counting down from 3 to 2 to 1, at which point you must have jumped to another box with a higher number, or you will fall into the floor and lose the game. Just try to keep jumping onto boxes in which a number 3 appears and don't stand on one box too long. You must complete 6 rounds of Sound Block to win the game, which increases your originality skills. P.S. When you see the block with no number just a solid little black square in it, jump on it pronto, it's the winning block :D.

The next subcategory under the notes icon is instrument...you acquire instruments through a gift, like from the king, or more likely, from your music teacher at school. At this moment on my 14th generation my Chantotchi has:  Guitar, violin, harp, mic, singers, karaoke, headphones, boom-box, turntable,piano, keyboard, accordian, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, drumset, bass drum, timpani and mega-drum set. I know from experimentation that you can fool about with what genre of music your gotchi will play in gigs by fiddling about and changing the instruments he/she plays, so you can change the instrument he/she both practises on, and gigs with, in this category. It's up to you to see which combinations work. It is funny to see your gotch become a hip-hop star and breakdance, spinning on his head!

The last subcategory under the notes icon is toy. You receive toys as gifts, say, like from a parent, in a shop from which you purchase them, or from your teacher. My toy collection includes up to press:  rabbit, bear, horse, duck, panda, mirror, dress, ball, tamagotchi, bandai, car, helicopter, spaceship, robot, U.F.O., train, pirateship, dinosaur and skateboard. Obviously you will have to choose a type of toy you think your gotchi will like, i.e., a girl tamagotchi will probably not dig a dinosaur, and a boy gotchi will poo-pooh the cute little cuddly rabbit :P. You can scroll thru your toys as you collect them and choose which one to give your gotchi to play with. The toy stays in the room all the time for decoration, it seems. Sometimes as your gotchi grows, it will pick up its instrument with no direction from you and you will hear it practising with cute little bleepy sounds. It may also get its own toy down and play with it from time to time. You can also tell your gotchi to practise or play under a future icon I will explain. Practising is good, but time to play is good as well and helps a stressed out gotchi feel better :D.
The next icon is shaped like a little door, the 5th icon on the top of the menu for the gotch. Under this icon are the choices AWAY, SHOP and PC. I don't use the PC option, but as mentioned earlier, this 3rd option can allow you to connect your music star to music city on your computer and visit other music stars from all around the world, using the small plectrum, or guitar pic, attached to your gotchi's keychain. I have been there but don't have loads of time but it did look interesting, having a movie theatre and other places to visit and collect souvenirs, and the like. The first choice, AWAY, takes you to 3 different places if you are a mature gotchi, only school if you are a toddler. When you go through the door an "AWAY" sign comes over the screen, press B again to go there, kinda as you do on earlier models when they fly into the sky off the screen and the "AWAY" button appears. If you are not a musician yet and are going to school as a toddler, away takes you to meet your cute plump teacher, who seems to sing and talk with you. If you press a button, like A, a whistling sound comes out and you play an easy game of jumprope with some fellow classmate. Try to win. If you are going to music school like as a teenage gotchi, this AWAY will take you to school, where you will first meet your future bandmates (2 other gotchis), who seem to talk to each-other and get excited and agree to form a band. You get to name the band, again up to 8 letters/symbols, which I think is really cool. Then you go in front of your blonde teacher with her hair up and she speaks to you, piano beside her. The 3 of you may then go into another room to practise by pressing the A button. The screen will show you each beside your future instrument, and a little tune will start up. Just press each corresponding gotchi, standing near the A, B or C button, everytime a music note appears above his/her head to do well at practise and win the song game. When you are grown, the AWAY button has three options, a proper band practise in the first area, where you and your band sit down at your instruments and you follow little dashes appearing above your head, in one of 3 positions, the top being the A button, the middle being B and of course the 3rd being the C button. Sometimes you may have to press more than one button at a time. Do your best and improve your music skills by practising with your band often...this will earn you future gigs!! The next game after that is a cake grab game...a lot of the earlier gotchis have had grab games, so you will probably already be familiar with this type of game. Your gotchi just stands above a line of cakes rolling by, like an assembly line almost, and a cake will appear in a little box as a picture above their head. You must grab the cake that matches in a timely fashion. It ain't as easy as it looks! The final game is a veggie-grab game. Well, veggies like eggplants/aubergines and turnips fall from the sky, and you must slide a little line of veggies along the bottom of the screen to catch them in the right boxes. Sometimes you will have to do two at a time, so watch out! :D
The first icon on the bottom of the screen has 4 options. The first is practise, and it's a good idea sometimes, especially if you're just starting out, to get your gotchi to practise on his/her chosen instrument...though if you are diligent in your care of them, you will find they are very good about practising of their own accord! You will hear little thweep sounds coming from your gotchi...you will get used to these, they are the sounds your gotchi makes when its practising, and they are cute. If you have a wife/husband and baby, you will find they will watch you practise, and even sing along! They also come along with you to every gig. However, they don't come to the store with you...they sit on the floor looking bored and then they talk to each other, until your return.

The second option in the first bottom icon is play. You remember me referring to being able to choose the toy you want your gotchi to have in his/her room, which will be displayed at all times. Now, sometimes your gotchi, like practising their instrument, will pull the toy down of their own accord and you may see hearts, see them bouncing up and down, see them bouncing up and down with the toy on their head and so forth, LOL. You can get toys, as I said,as gifts from the king, perhaps, a friend, or your teacher. Toys are kinda like real life in that the girls like the teddy bears and such, whereas the boys like dinosaurs and rockets and so on. You may find if your gotchi is a bit stressed, a bit of praise and a toy play time will calm them down, as will games, like I said before.
The 3rd option on this icon is time out. I have never that I can remember had to use the time-out option on a music star, they are generally fairly well-behaved, well, at least, mine always are, but I am a very diligent mother :). If your gotchi calls you for no reason (i.e. they are not hungry or unhappy or stressed, etc, you must discipline them with a time-out. Finally the fourth option is praise. I use praise quite often, like, after they practise on their own or of my accord, or after a gig. Praise calms them down. Use it often.

The 2nd icon on the bottom of the music star is shaped like a little chest. The first choice on it is medicine, and you know if you've ever owned a gotch exactly what this is for. If not, every once in a while, the gotchi may call you (it most often happens when a gotchi is either a baby or toddler, or the gotchi has recently had a baby). You will see a little skull icon above their head(s), administer meds once or twice, according to what they need. The next and final option on this icon is trash. This is the way, when you have got too much of a good thing (like fifteen cds you dont wanna listen to, LOL), to chuck unwanted or unneeded items to free up space...you can choose to throw away items, meals or snacks. If you get too many items, i've found that when you try to visit another music star to present a gift, you won't be allowed, it will say your item list is full. If this occurs, try cleaning up the items you've collected a bit and that should help.

The 3rd icon on the bottom is your infrared connection, shaped like a heart. Indispensible for making friends, and more importantly, doing arranged marriages, i.e., you have a boy and girl music star, or your friend has a match for your gotch. Under the music star infrared options there is a game, or a present. When i'm doing a match for marriage, several times a day I will have the gotchis do both games and presents at the same time. They make you work plenty hard to get gotchis to mate. First, you must understand that they must both be of mating age (about 5 yrs, i.e. having been adults 3 days). You may however begin the games and gifts long before, i.e., whilst they are toddlers or babies. You will know how close they are becoming, as I will explain this under another icon's description. You will be able to see faces appear under their "friend" list, first unsmiling plain faces, one, two, three, then four. Then one by one these four faces will light up into bright smiles. When all four faces are smiling, shortly thereafter during a "game", instead of a game, the gotchis will kiss, hearts will appear, fireworks will go off, and each gotchi will then have a matching baby (boy/boy, girl/girl) to raise. This way the gotchi parents won't live together as they do when your marriage occurs from the matchmaker (in this case, Guitaritchi), but can of couse still visit each other. Like other gotchis, the parents stick around about 24 hrs., until at which time they return to Tamaland and leave you with a spanking new baby, pooping, eating like a monster, calling you all the time and needing to play games, bless :D. If you take good care whilst they are babes tho, they will change into a toddler very quickly, like within an hour or so. If your marriage occurs thru Guitaritchi, both parents and the baby stay together for a day, which is cute :D.  There is also under the infrared option an "others" option, which I assume means they can visit Familitchis. I am unsure about whether there are others besides familitchis they can visit, I know they won't visit my V4s. The fourth icon is shaped like a book and has awards, friends and memory underneath. If you choose awards, you can see all the musical genres that you have won a first place award in. You do this by picking a genre and excelling in practising, and then gigs, until you receive an award from the king, which is ace! You can scroll through your awards and if you click on a space with an award on it, it will tell you its a 1st ranking award, what genre of music the award was received for and the name of the band that received it. Then if you click B again, believe it or not it will replay the winning performance the band did to receive the award! Really cool!! Under friends you may see every gotchi (I don't know how many it goes up to....that you have become friends with, and the level of the relationship, and the name of that friend. Under memory, the last option, it seems to show the last 3 gotchis you have had, the age and weight and name they had when they left you, their levels of skill under tone, rhythm and originality, the genre of music they played and the name of their band. The last icon, as with most gotchis i've ever known, is the little icon that lights when your gotchi is calling you. It will call you if its very unhappy or hungry or stressed, and will also call you when the annoying mailman arrives (sometimes he's ok cos he brings a gift from your mom or father or the king), but most of the times he seems to bring packages of crap. Unlike emptying all your happy hearts like it usually does to receive a pile of shite, the gotchi doesn't appear all that bothered. No snakes in this one, thank god. It will also bleep at you if it is bathtime, when you need to play a gig (which is about 3-4 times an evening if you are a good band), and when it's time to turn out the lights for your gotchi to go beddy-bye. They will be laying in their cute little beds with a Z above their heads. Just press any button to darken the room so your little gotchi can go to sleep. P.S., there is an option as well to waken your gotchi but you will not be able to play with him or her, plus, you will piss them off royally :O. Don't do it....
Love and kisses and hugs to all my gotchi-loving friends around the world - Mrs. Beverly Bernett, a.k.a. GotchiGurlBev :)