Teddy bear pet:

What can I say? If you have run a Nano, this is basically it. I only ran it for about a week so I don't know if if evolves or not. It seems to be a full grown bear already but when Nanos change, they don't tend to change in appearance a whole lot.
The care was not too bad and it could take quite a lot of neglect. I had accidentally let the meters empty a couple of times and it was still alive. :0D
As with all Nanos, the thing I don't like about them is that you have to YELL at it (discipline) for no reason. This fills up the discipline meter but it's just really weird to have to yell at it for no reason. :o(

This one took me a little bit by surprise.
First off, it's a Gyaoppi type but it sticks only to human characters. Most Gyaoppis can grow to be who knows what!
It starts out as a baby and stays that way until bed time. It will wake up as a boy.
There are two games. The first of which is a butterfly catching game the second one is a dismount game. I guess he's on the gymnsatics rings. You need to earn him a 10 to win. :0)

I had to run this one twice to see if the first run went strangely or not. This one takes just 2 days to grow up and that's it! Game over. My outcomes were Doctor the first time. The second time was a normal looking guy. I assume there might be a cryminal (bad) outcome as well.

Wild Planet Aquapalz
This is one of the easiest pets I have ever taken care of. :o)
Actually, the first couple of times I tried it, it died because I started it pretty late at night and it needs a couple of hours to get out of the baby stage. If it gets sick, you can  not cure it at the first stage so just start it by mid-day and you should be just fine.
As I remember, there are 3 stages of growth? Possibly 4. It just gets a little bigger.
It takes a lot of neglect very well. It only gets sick from neglect but it can be sick for many hours.
There are 3 models, the Dolphin, Angelfish and Jellyfish.
I found the design to be refreshing. Somewhat mp3ish design. It also lights up which is a very nice touch.