Aruke Robokon Pedometer Instruction Sheet
translated by alie


A.      LCD
B.      L Button – use when you move display to the left or time
C.     X Button- Enter key to select the menu and to see robot dictionary
D.     Cover- Open the cover when you use
E.      C Button- use when you return to a previous display, cancel, and to wake up Robokon
F.      R Button- use when you move display to the right and to change setting for sounds and events
G.     How to apply stickers- When you would like to use stickers included in the package, close the cover and apply sticker that will fit to the curve of the cover.
H.      Reset Switch Button
I.         Hook

How to play
01: How to set up Robokon
1.      Pull out the sheet inserted to block battery
2.      Reset- Push reset button with a small stick
l       please do not use sharp edge stick and/or pencil to push reset button
3.      Select Robokon type
After you finish resetting the toy, push L and X or R button simultaneously. Selection display appears. Choose either Robokon types. (Robokon in old TV series and another with new TV series) (Upper picture: Old one, lower picture: new one)

  From this display, push L button or R button to choose a Robokon and press X button to enter.
4.      Clock setting
When you finish choosing Robokon, display will show clock screen. Choose AM or PM using L or R button and press X button to enter your selection.
To set the correct time, choose the number with L or R button and enter you selection with X button.
5.      Robokon starts!
Once you finish setting a time, Robokon wakes up and you can start using games.


02: Walking Robokon
After Robokon wakes up, put the toy pedometer on your belt or shake it. When the toy pedometer receives the shocks from walking or shaking, Robokon shown in LCS stars walking.

A.      Make sure that the toy pedometer attach to your belt steadily. If not, Robokon may not start walking, not vibration or shock received by the toy pedometer.
B.      Side, hook, belt
C.     Shake up and down- OK
D.     Shake right and left- No good
l       the count of the walking step may be different, depending on where you put the toy pedometer, right or left.
l       The product contains auto-off function. When you do not press any button for 3 minutes, display will be put off. (step count is stored) When you would like to show the display, press L, X, R, or C button.

03: Other robot characters

When you make Robokon walks, Robokon will see other robots on its way. (Robokon will even see roaches on the road- ref.pg9)

04: Robokon Slot Machine (pg5 cont.)

When Robokon meets another robot in the display, and you press L, X, or R button, Robokon’s eyes starts rolling. It is a Robokon Slot Machine Function.

Press L, X, R, or C button to stop right eye, and press the same button to stop left eye. (If you do not press any button, slot will stop automatically) Depending on the Robokon face you make with the slot, another robot may be happy or become angry.


* When you do not reply to the beep sound of machine, or press C button to ignore the Robokon Slot Machine, another robot may leave Robokon with rage. Be careful to make Robokon’s face friendly, unless Robokon may not be able to have a good friends.
Right: Robokon smiles, and another robot is happy, showing 3 hearts.
Left: Robokon grouchy, and another robot is upset, showing no heart.
When Robokon is successful to make another robot happy, the hearts will appear to show how happy the robot is.

* Reaction of each friend robots differ depending on the character. There is a robot that does not show any expression on its face, except for a situation that you can stop the slot in good timing, selecting Robokon’s rare eyes.

* Number of heart shown depends on the eye you choose at slot machine


05: File to Robot Dictionary
When you get all 4 hearts, it means that the robot is now Robokon’s friends. Those robots are automatically filed in ‘’Robot Dictionary”. Even when the robot is happy and show 3 hearts is not enough to become friend. Such robot will leave Robokon. As much you use toy pedometer, as many chance Robokon meets new friends and you have chance to use slot machine. So walk and complete the robot dictionary! (How to see ‘Robot Dictionary’ ref. Pg10)

06: When a robot is chasing Robokon (pg7. cont.)

Depending on the robots, when it gets angry with slot’s result (Robokon’s eyes expression), it may start chasing Robokon. Right after you hear beep sounds, start shaking the toy pedometer, and shake hard! Depending on how many steps you get by shaking the toy pedometer, Robokon may be run away from the angry robot, or, an angry robot may catch Robokon.


(from left to right, robot character name)
Robowaru, Robogaki, Roboriki, Robochan, Roboboss- Be careful when you see those robots
l       Steady the cover when you shake toy pedometer with cover open. Please be careful not to pinch your fingers with the cover.
(from left to right, angry robots reaction)
Angry, start, shake 8 seconds, run away successfully or a robot catch and hit Robokon and Robokon is broken.
When an angry robot catch Robokon and breaks him, go to Teacher Gunts for repair. (ref. Pg 11.)
07: Broken robots
When you see ‘Robopa’ robot and ‘Robopeke’ robots and Robokon shows angry face(eyes) at them, those robots may be broken with fear. (Upper picture: Robopa, lower picture: Robopeke)

08: Roach! (Pg9 cont.)

When Robokon walks, roach may appear in the display. Robokon hates roaches. After a beep sound and when you see Robokon astonished by roach, pres L,X, or R button. Then after beep sound, start shaking the toy pedometer for 8 seconds. (How to shake- pg8)
Depending on how fast you shake, Robokon may run away from roach or roach may fly on Robokon.


(from left to right)
Roach!, start, shake 8 seconds, run away or roach fly at Robokon and broke.
When roach fly to Robokon, Robokon breaks with fear. Go to Teacher Gunts for repair. (ref. Pg 11)
l       When you ignore roach display or press C button to cancel, Robokon will break.
09: How to see Robot Dictionary (pg10 cont)

When Robokon is walking and you press X button, you can check ‘Robot Dictionary’  In Robot Dictionary display, press L or R button to see the robots stored in the dictionary.
(upper picture: Teacher Gunts, lower picture: Robokon)

l       Teacher Gunts and Robokon is pre-filed in the dictionary. (When Robokon is walking, Robokon does not meet Teacher Gunts)

10: Teacher Gunts (pg11 cont.)

The first character appeared in the dictionary, Teacher Gunts, can repair, and customize Robokon. When Teacher Gunts is in display, press X button to choose L: repair, X. grade, R points….etc, the menu starts scrolling in the LCD bottom.
L. Repair
Press L button while menu scrolling, then Teacher Gunts will repair Robokon.

X Grade
Press X button while menu scrolling, then Teacher Gunts will give Robokon a grade. The grade you receive is categorized in 1. the number of step count, 2. accumulative step count, 3. highest step count, 4. friendliness, and 5. total grade. Press L or R button to choose which grade you would like to look, and select with X button.

Number of step count
Number of step from when Robokon wakes up till now. If you would like to reset the count, press L and X simultaneously at number of step count display. Then ‘Reset?’ message appears, press X button to reset the step count to zero. (press C button to cancel the reset)
l       Maximum number the toy pedometer count is 99999 steps.

l       After Robokon receives grades (pg15), Robokon will sleep. After he wakes up, the step count is reset. (ref. Pg16)

Accumulative Step Count(pg13 cont)
The count from very first setting to now. If you would like to reset accumulative step count, press L and X button while display shows the accumulative step count. Then  ‘Reset?’ message appear in LCD, press X button to reset the count to zero. (Press C button to cancel reset)

Maximum number of the accumulative count is 999999.

Highest step count This show a highest record of number of step count per use. If you would like to reset the highest step count, press L and X button simultaneously at the display of highest step count. Then ‘Reset?’ message appears, press X button to reset the number to zero. (press C button to cancel the reset)

Friendliness You can check the friendliness grade. It is shown in white heart mark. If it is high, Robokon tends to see many robots while walking, and if it is low, Robokon tends to see roaches on its way.
(from left to right: low friendliness, original setting, high)
* When you see other robots while walking and slot machine result is good, Robokon’s friendliness grade goes up. If you neglect doing slot machine or get bad result of slot, the friendliness grade of Robokon goes low.

Pg15 Total Grade
You can see previous grade and a comment from Teacher Gunts.
R. Grade
While menu is scrolling at the bottom of LCD, press R button to get grade. ‘Press L, X, or R button when the message tells you ‘grade?’ (second from the bottom picture), Teacher Gunts starts grading. The grade is depending on the number of steps, number of robots listed in the ‘robot dictionary’, and friendliness. If you receive 100 points from Teacher Gunts, you can get a heart mark, proof of good robot. Depending on the grade you receive, Teacher Gunts will give Robokon a comment.

(from left to right)
100 points!, Well done, 0 point, you stupid
When you can receive 10 hearts from Teacher Gunts, you can graduate.
l       when you receive a grade, Robokon automatically goes to sleep. Be careful with when you receive a grade.
l       When Robokon is asleep or broken, you cannot receive grade.

11: How to wake up Robokon (pg16 cont.)
Press C button to wake Robokon up. Shaking toy pedometer will not wake Robokon.
l       When you wake Robokon up, step count automatically reset (except for acummulative count)

12: Customizing Robokon
After you receive 3 heart from Teach Gunts for good grades, go to ‘robot dictionary’ Teacher Gunts, and press L button to customize Robokon. Press L button while the menu is scrolling at the bottom of LCD. This customize function will not appear after you costomize, until you newly receive 3 additional hearts from Teacher Gunts.

The customized body will be entered in the robot dictionary. You can select original Robokon type (before customize) and other. (ref. 18pg)
(from left to right, customize chance!, with 3 hearts, with 6 hearts, what if 10 hearts?)
*   Robokon cannot be customized while it is broken.
*   Once you get Robokon customized, Robokon can see many robots with lower number of steps.

13: Choosing another robot
You can enjoy an additional function, once you got special robot filed in the ‘robot dictionary’. At robot dictionary display and find the robot’s name flashing, press L or R button to choose the name and then press X button to see what happen next.
Teacher Gunts
Teacher Gunts can repair and grade Robokon. (ref pg11)

Once you could customize Robokon, you can select the body type filed in ‘robot dictionary’ by pressing L or R button and enter with X button.

Robowaru, Robogaki, Roboboss, Robochan, and Roboriki
You can play run-away game. (How to play is written in pg7. In this game, Robokon does not break)

Robopa, Robopeke
Bara-bara Action. Press X button for the action

Pg 19
Introducing robots
(from up to bottom)
Teacher Gunts: ‘Managing Director’ of Robot Land. Hard grader, watching out for every robots in Robot Land
Robin: A girl Robokon loves so much. She is a princess from Star Ballerina, and her dream is to become professional ballerina.
Robowaru: Bad robot who is proud of doing something bad.
Robogaki: Study-crazy robot. His hard work caused short sighted eyes, his sight is now 0.001. He teaches at private school.
Roboton: Carpenter trainee robot. He is hard-working robot, but little too square and difficult.
Robopa: Delicate robot who breaks when he got too shocked with something.
Robodoro: Originally he is created for security, but using his knowledge, now he is a good skilled thief.

Roboboss: Working at construction. Power robot who can carry 5 ton a time.
Robomogu: Cooking robot who dreams of being a world famous cook. However, everything he cooks taste like curry.
Robogeta: Whether forecasting robot. He can get the data from satellites and give whether forecase. Sometimes, he predict whether just by throwing his shoes.
Robokero: Frog-like robot. Works at Karaoke place. Once he grasp a microphone, he will not let it go.
Robodigi: He believes that everything is consist of logic. Not good at sports, study too hard.
Robobin: Courrier service worker. He is speed craze.
Other robots will appear in the LCD. Can you find every robots in the game?

Step count/ clock function
Press C button while Robokon is walking. Teacher Gunts can tell you the number of step you take. (ref 12pg)
To see the clock, press L button while Robokon is walking. After 10 seconds, the display automatically returns to Robokon walking display.
l       To change the time: At clock display, press R and X button simultaneously. The clock setting display will appear. (ref. Pg3)
Sound on/off
Press R button when Robokon is walking in the display. Choose ‘sound’ or ‘event’ by pressing L or R button. Press X button in either display (sound or event), when it is ON before pressing X button, it will change to OFF. If OFF then press X button, it will turn to ON. Press C button to cancel.

Sound off- You can change it to silent mode. However, toy pedometer does not warn you that roaches or other robot appear in the LCD. So be careful.

Event off- This is to turn toy pedometer into simply pedometer. Robot does not appear in LCD, it simply counts the number of your step.