My first impression! But first I am disclosing that I received this Tama-Go from Bandai America Incorporated to review. And a huge thanks to whom ever chose white to send me. I really like it!

When I got this, I really didn't know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. There is a mix of Tamagotchi Color in this as you visit places to play games, shopping for food or remodeling your house. You also go out to visit the park to play with random Tamagotchi villagers who also happen to be there. Who will I get to play with this time?  Then plenty of new stuff, namely the character plug-in interaction.

There is just one default food, Pork and beans! Better get to the store to add to this menu. ;o)

There are two games built in.
Shoot the bug: It's like space invaders but sideways. You are sitting on a ship and must shoot the bugs coming at you. You have to shoot them right on the nose! Easy and fun.

Long Jumper: You are running along top what seems to be a brick wall. Jump over the missing bricks.

There are other games as you attach the character accessory to the top. One character comes with each Tama-Go unit. Others sold separately with another face plate graphic.

Bandai has also given us a major treat with this tamagotchi. Now for all those times you get your Tamagotchi character on the potty, you will eventually be able to potty train it!

While we do not get a color TFT screen with the Tama-Go, there is a nice shaded black pixel screen.
This page was last updated: October 26, 2010