TamaSuku v1 subjects are: language, math, science

TamaSuku v2 subjects are: music, phys.ed, art
The games between the 2 are also different but everything else is the same.

Tama School V1 Guide
This is my poor attempt at a guide for the Tama School. I have the Japanese guidebook, even though I can’t read it the pictures were of great help to me. So here I go.

ICONS: Top Left to Right

Check Meter
This contains 4 separate screens. The first screen has 4 hearts and what level your school is currently. The next screen has the reading, math, and science icons and what you score is in each one. The next screen has a "title" for your school and how much money you have. Then the last screen has your choice of the 3 (reading, math, or science) you chose this before playing, and your name.

Class Roster
This contains the students currently attending your school. Each one has their picture, name, what study they are good at (in the left hand corner) and what their number is. I think that the higher you school rating, the more students want to attend. You can collect all of the students if you run a perfect school.

This has your choice of two games. The first one is a sequencing game. You have a limited amount of time to guess what come next in the sequence of letters. (I have never beaten this game. Unless you know how to read Japanese, your guess is as good as mine, as to how they match up.) The Second game is the "book" game. In my guide they call it the Information desk. It is your job to assist students with finding the right book. The black characters always get the book. The white ones do not. If you can successfully give out 30 books, you win 500 points. It is a bit tricky, but I have completed this one many times.

This one has two games as well. The first is the "calculator game". You have to catch numbers 1-9 in order three times to get 500 points. (I found this one very easy.) The second game is the coin catching game. You have to catch the coins in the tama bank. If you don’t get them lined up just right you loose. I have not successfully completed this game so I don’t know how many you have to catch to get 500 points.

Again you have a choice of two games. The first is Chemistry, where you have to select the white potions to go in the mix and discard the black poison. This game goes very quickly and I’ve not completed it yet. The second game is the Bug Catcher. Simple, well sort of. Each time you catch a bug the bug moves faster. The reason why I think it’s simple is because you only have to catch 6 bugs to win 500 points. (I’ve beaten this game many times.)

ICONS: Bottom Left to Right

There are six choices under this selection. The first screen, first choice is for connecting 2 Tama Schools. The second one is for connecting to Uratamas/Entamas. The third choice is for connecting to the White School Store Deka (in Japan). Then on the second screen the first one is for PC connections at
http://school.e-tamago.com/pc/flash/tamasc.html The second choice on the second screen is for connecting to the Photo booth in Japan, and third is for connecting to the Tamagotchi Resort (the plug-n-play TV game). If there are any additional menus under those listed I have not encountered them, that’s why they are not listed here.

Winking Face
The first selection is for the Items you can buy at the first selection under the coin icon. The Second selection is for items you buy under the second selection under the coin icon. The last two selections I’m guessing is for items you win or buy on-line and the other is possibly for items you get from other tama schools, entamas, or uratamas.

This is similar on all of the tamas. It holds your friends that you connect to. Tama schools, Entamas, and Uratamas. (I haven’t connected to any other tamas, thus mine will not allow me to view it.)

There are only two choices here. The first one contains the following items: A puzzle game in which it spins and you have to hit the "B" button and hope that you land on a smiling face. There are 3 to a single purchase. Next are books with the three subjects on them. The first is Reading, the next is Math, and the Last is Science. (3 to a single purchase. I’m not sure how many points it levels up your studies.) The next choice is a wafer/cracker of some type. It just increases/fill your hearts under the check meter. The last choice is Gym clothes. These also increase/fill your hearts. The Second Menu choice only has 2 items in it. A snow flake, and a baton (like in track racing). The snow flake enters you in a snow ball throwing fight. You cannot control the outcome of the game, but when you win the snow ball fight it raises your Reading/Math/Science points. The other game is a race. Once again you cannot control your character during the game. If you win first place your hearts fill up under your check meter.

Raised Hand
This is your attention Icon. It lights up and beeps at you when one of your students needs something. They will then appear on the screen and either talk to you, play a game, or sulk. I’ve found that depending on which button you press on the "A" pad (up, down, left, right) you get a different response. Also this Icon lights up when you have a new student join your school.

Tama School Levels
Differences in the chalkboard behind your character. At the beginning you start off with a small Board. As your school levels increase you’ll get a better/larger chalkboard. The highest level I’m guessing is 99, but you get the Ultimate chalkboard after level 85, which equals over 900 points in all of your subjects (Reading/Math/Science). If you need a further breakdown of levels and class points, let me know.

Tama School Schedule
There’s a page in my guidebook that covers time and class schedules from 8:00 until 23:00. I don’t really notice the characters changing classes as often as noted in the guide, BUT I do know that the school closes around 9:00 PM and a janitor shows up on the screen with a broom sweeping. And the lights go out after they’re done. Then at 8:00 AM the school "opens/begins".

Written by: Sarah H. From the VPetsML  group.
Thank you so much Sarah!

Tamagotchi School
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Tamagotchi Suku [School] V2

I will start off with all the Suku's Icons, (Left to Right),
First Icon is...

The Status Meter
This icon has Four different screen's , The First screen Has four hearts with represents What your popularity is and The more  hearts you have the better, Underneath the Hearts It say the number of students you have in your class at the moment .
The Second  Screen tell you your Class marks. They are (top to bottom) Music , Gym , and Art ,  The Points Range from 0 - 999 , The Next  Screen is well I am not sure on what it says in the top box or what it means, But at the bottom of that screen it tell's you how  many Gotchi Points you have, The Fourth and final screen is of You! Well Of the Teacher you picked and the name of your teacher ,  But the symbols below the name I am not sure of what they mean.

Student Attendance
This Icon show's you all the students you have in your class , And it tells you witch  number they are on the top right hand  corner and on the top left hand corner of the screen it tell's you what there Specially subject is Such as , language Art's ,  Math , Science, Music , Gym , Art , and Drama I think, On the bottom of the screen below the character it tell's you the name of  that character.

Music Class [Game]
Well with this icon you can choose 1 of 22 different games to play , the First is a Game were you have to use the d-pad right ,  down , and left , to choose a certain note, You pick the note the is in the box and you have to hit the note right when it's in  the box or you will loose so not to fast and not to slow. The second game is were you use right and left and you have to move the  set of notes to match up with the notes that are on the bottom of the screen.

Gym Class [Game]
With this icon you can also choose one of two games , The First is a running game were you have to avoid stuff that gets in your  way, and the second game is Soccer were you just have to guess were to shoot the ball and hope the goalie doesn't catch it.

Art Class [Game]
Once again you can select one of two games , The First is a Puzzle game were you use the D-pad to select a tile (There are four  to choose from) and the B button to rotate it. The second game is a painting game were you have you get the brush right over the  egg and press The B button .

Well with this icon there are four selections to choose from, The First are all of the items you give to your student that will  Make your popularity go up or The class mark's to go up, I am not sure on what it does , The third section has all the item's  your students give you as gifts , The fourth section has all the items you get form Suku town [http://school.e- tamago.com/pc/flash/tamasc.html]
and food.

Friends list
I haven't connect a Suku to mine so I cannot select this icon.

With this icon there are two selections to choose from , The First is were you can buy: A book game , A music Book (It gives you  10 points in the subject the has on the front) , A Gym Book , and a Art Book .and Then there are items too boost your popularity  such as A Chocolate bar.

This icon light's up when you get a new student or a student need s your help , You help them by playing a game with them or  just talking to them.

When you First start it up it will play a little tune and then it will
ask you to input the date and time , then you input your name [Using Japanese Characters] , After you input your name you select  your Birth Date, After that you select your Teacher The First is The Art Teacher , The next is The Gym Teacher , and the last is  the Art Teacher. After this you Get all your First students [you get six] After you get your students you can select the icons.

Thanks for the writeup Matt O!