Tamagotchi Version2

The Tamagotchi Connection Version 2, the second installment to the Tamagotchi Connection. The Tamagotchi Version 2, also refered as a V2, is the best interactive virtual pet made to date for the American market.

It's kinda like Neopets but much better, and is portable. It has a wide variety of characters brought together from past Tamagotchis. Such as Nyorotchi from the Tamagotchi P1 (1997), and Pochitchi from Tamagotchi P2 (1997). It also includes Pyonchitchi, Puruporotchi, and Kabutchi from Osuchi and Mesutchi. Plus many many more from other Tamagotchis and the first installment Tamagotchi Connection.
You can play games on it to earn points known as "Gotchi Points" to buy your little friend snacks, toys, and fun event items such as a shovel, and a flower pot. You can wrap the bought gifts and send them to friends. Once your character is old enough and is the opposite gender of your friends or if you have two. They can breed and have babies. If you dont know anyone that has one or you dont have another one, do not fret, the matchmaker will come 72 hours (3 days) after it has grew into an adult, she will ask you if you love the one she offers you, say yes and fireworks will go and what do you know. A new little baby. There is so much to these virtual pets to discover. They are worth the time and care to have them. You won't go wrong with this little guy. It'll be fun for.......generations. ;0)

Let's start off by getting the codes out of the way, There are 5 codes for free stuff on the V2
You go to the shop, press the A button a few times until the shop keeper raises his hands then you use the A B C buttons to enter these codes:

BCBACABA   Love Potion
ACBCABAC   Hair Potion
CBAACABC   Costume