My Baby
A okay Nano Baby clone. 
Runs just like a Nano but the graphics are a little different.
I like the case better than the original Nano Pet.
The only problem is that these tend to reset themselves!
Pocket Biscuit and Pocket Goofy    A virtual rock band.
This is virtual rock band rather than a pet. It is based upon the pop group (Pocket Biscuits) formed by the Utchan Nanchan comedy duo. It features three band members: Teru, Udo, and Chiaki. Teru and Udo (the male members) like to stay out late drink and party, and you (as the band manager) need to wake them up at about 10am, or they'll sleep all day. The female member of the band, Chiaki, is not so much the party animal and can get up on her own. You need to give them singing lessons by playing a Simon-type game with notes, and dance lessons. Good caretaking is shown by the group rising in the pop charts (you have 14 days to make it to the number one slot). The computer-generated characters shown are used in the real group's music videos. The game features short melodies played from the band's songs.
Pocket Goofy is an english version of Pocket Biscuit but is missing a couple of options.
Kimko - Baby Byte - Sweet Baby
This info from the package:
Press A or C to select a function. Then press B to perform the function!
How she looks depends on your care.
48 different expressions! 13 hairstyles and outfits.  Read Baby Byte a story to help her become smart.
Calling your Baby Byte makes her happy.  If Baby Byte gets sick give her a shot.
When she's healthy she shows her love.  Your Baby Byte tells you when she's hungry or thirsty.
Baby Byte loves candy, but too much will make her I.Q. go down.  Clean and groom your Baby Byte to keep her healthy and happy.
Feed Baby Byte correctly to keep her healthy. Too much food will make her sick.  Play Rock, Scissors, Paper together. When she wins, Baby Byte gets smarter.   line-segmented LCD screen can give her 48 facial expressions.
The manual lists these Facial Changes: happy anger, sad, cry, hungry, snoozing, sleeping, pain, embarrassed, tense, blinking, making faces, willful, eating, and angry
My Virtual Baby

Play options include Feed, play, study, exercise, clean, medicine, train, career and sleep.
This one goes through a full life cycle. Baby, child, teen and adult.

My Baby
I think this one came from my friend in Australia.
It has all the regular functions.
Food ( bread, meat, water)
Game, medicine, education, horizontal bar for exercise, cleaning, sleep, health indicator, hint indicator and warning beeb.
Smarty Time / RikouRikou Chan is a boy that grows up, goes to school, and will grow up to chose various careers based on how he's cared for and educated.
There are only three places where this boy goes: home, school, and tutorial classes.
Great Dinkie stlye pet. It was fun to see him grow up.
I thought I had done better than I did. He ended up pretty average.