Pedometer pets
Screen shots
Actual colors.
Pocket Pikachu2
This one also has a color LCD screen.

The steps that you take are converted
into "Watts" of energy that you can feed Pikachu  that "lives" inside the pedometer. Watts can also be earned by  gambling using the slots game (original Pocket Pikachu) or cards game
(Pocket Pikachu Color, aka Pokemon Pikachu G/S).
With Pika  Color,  you can also send or receive watts using the InfraRed port
(and another PokePika Color, of course).

The object of the game is to become friends with Pikachu. He doesn't  evolve, he doesn't change to another form, he just grows to  like you more or less depending on how much attention (watts)  you give him.

Watts can be fed in increments, from 1 watt to 999 watts. Pikachu  will express his pleasure/displeasure with different animations, and  as he moves between 5 levels of friendship with you, he will appear  to come closer and closer to the screen.

Pocket Pikachu Color can also send Watts to a  Pokemon Gold or Silver game, using the IR ports on a Color Gameboy.  Another neat  function is the ability to compose alarm-clock melodies, and send  them to other PokePika Color units.
Pocket Sakura
Sakura features a color LCD screen. So nice to see. It also has great graphics.
Your steps equal Sakura's steps as she wanders Tokyo and other places contacting her friends.
I have not had a chance to play with this one yet.
It's all Japanese with a lot of Japanese to read. I would like to learn more about this one.
Original Pocket Pikachu
First off, a Pedometer is the thing that counts the steps you take. Pedometer means Foot meter. :0)
Pedometers have a little clip on the back where you can attach them on to a belt. I prefer to keep the pedometer on my ankle.
There's a picture on the next page of how I usually do that.
Yaw Kaiser
There are 4 types
The 幽 machine road (gold)
The mysterious machine road (silver)
The vision machine road (clear & clear blue * clear yellow)
The optical machine road ( glow case?)

After the initial set up, you are given a map. You must first decide where on the map you want to begin.
Now you start your journey
You are then given a number of steps to travel at random. The number ranges from 1,000 – 6,000 steps. (might take a while to get to the next kid!)
The pedometer steps count down. When you reach 0, the capture game begins.
Upon winning or losing the game, you are then given another random number of steps to travel until you meet the next ghost kid. The capture game begins again. You repeat until you get to the boss of the area. Upon capture of the regional boss ghost, you complete that region of the map. You may not enter the region again.

I don’t completely understand the circumstances, but it is possible for the captured ghost kids to escape and for the boss to escape. I dont know if they go back to their area of the map and the region opens up again or what happens.

It seems that this would easily translate in to a Pokemon capture game. That would be fun to see.

This is my rudimentary understanding of the game.  I really like this one. ;0)
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Hello Kitty Pedometer
I have not run this one yet. More info to come. :0)