A great pedometer pet!!
There is no actual care involved. You just strap her to your ankle and go!
Keep walking and Aruk will meet all sorts of Gotchi boys ( pictured on the chart) , receive presents, find items, upset her rival Ohimetchi (the girl pictured under Aruk on the chart) and even receive proposals from the Gotchi boys.
Screen shots of proposals are kept in memory so you can look at her conquests and keep track of who to accept presents from.

I had my Aruk going from the begining of January to the beginning of June. 
Yeah, so she's a real tramp but it was a very nice adventure!
Arukotchi and Robocon are both Bandai pets but not actual Tamagotchis so I put them in this section.

Robocon walks along and meets other robots when you shake it.
When he meets them, you have to play a quick slot machine game. The game gives him an expression with his eyes.
There are happy, mad and other expressions he can make at the robots. Most make the robots he meets happy and that fills the friendship hearts for the other robots making them his friend.
If you don't play the game when he beeps, he will start meting cockroaches and he will break from fear of them. You will then have to get another robot to fix him up.
Of course there are other things Robocon does. Take a look at the instructions.  He's a cutie!
Original Teku Teku Angel was bigger and came in different colors than Teku Teku Angel DUE.
When you start up the Teku Teku DUE, there is a start up proceidure, Once you fill in the blanks, you're ready to go!

The screens, in order:

*Year/Date/Time (You can switch to the year system that's more familiar to us by using the A/B button)
*Your name
*Your birthday
*Your gender
*Pet's name
*Your Weight
*Your 'stride width' I'm not sure how that's measured yet... so just chose the default option.
*'Goal' Setting
There's an option to have it set automatically, or you  can pick a number (1000, 3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000, 15000, or  20000)

The next screen is how long you want to run the Teku Due in days (30, 60, 90, or 120)
Pedometer pets 2
Watch out!
Here she comes!
Unfortunately, I only programmed my Teku teku DUE for 30 days the first time I had it going. I didn't know I'd like it so much!
I thought I was making a smart move there, but now I know better.  I set it for 90 days right after that.
It's a really great little companion! I am very impressed with it.
There are a LOT of characters. They change about every 2-3 days on a 90 day setting, more frequently on the 30 day setting.
The variety of characters is incredible too. From the cactus mode for those who need really instant gratification to the regular mode where you get a variety of animal type characters and human characters too.
Here are some marriage screen shots.
Dragon Quest pedometer