Super Poo-chi
Super Poochi is the larger one.
You teach him through the vioce command system he has.
It goes through a life cycle and the tricks change with it's age. Super Poo-Chi is very annoying!!!
Poochi and Christmas Poo-Chi.
I actually prefer it to the Super Poo-chi by a LOT. It does much cuter things and sings Christmas songs!  They can 'talk' to each other and all the other chi pets.
They both need the bones to eat. They can share bones or eat off the other "Chi" bots food source too.
Poo-Chi friends Bulldog and Poodle.
Same as regular small Poo-Chi. As you can see, I have not tried the Poodle.
The Bulldog sings a little like Chirpy-Chi. Really cute! I like my poo-chis very much.
Sings many songs and is a happy little bird. He flaps his wings and bobs up and down.
The comb on top of his head wakes him up and is a petting sensor.
I keep this one and Petal chi by my computer and play with them most every day. They are nice little companions.
This is a happy little flower. It rocks back and fourt as it sings it's songs. The bottom os the flower pot rocks back and fourth.
Too much or too little water and it will not be happy.
It also goes through three stages of development and eventually sings 40 different songs. It's musical taste changes along with it's development.
I am really enjoying this one!
These are all bots from Hasbro/Tiger toys,
the same company that makes Furby