Rakuraku Dinokun(Japanese Version) or Dinkie Dino (English/American)

Setting the Clock
Pull out plastic tab or insert new batteries. Dinkie should start in Clock mode.
Press enter to enter clock set mode. The hour will begin flashing.
Set the hour. Press the left key to increase the hour.
Press the right key to set the minutes. Press the left key to increase the minutes.
Press enter to confirm clock settings.
Press clock to enter game mode and your egg Egg will start to Hatch

How to Play
Use the Left or Right button to move to highlite the icons then press enter to get to that activity.

Drink ( Top Left Icon)
Select this icon to give a drink to Dinkie Dino.

Food (Second Left Icon from the Top)
When you select this icon, you will be given a choice of foods. Press Left / Right key to choose between hamburger, chicken, apple, carrot, ice cream, or noodles. The kind of food he eates will affect what he evolves in to.

Lights (Third left icon from the top)
Select this icon to turn the light on / off. Remember to turn off the lights for bed time.

Discipline  (Fourth left icon from the top)
Discipline him when it gets angry.

Stats (Bottom left icon))
Choose this icon to check on your pet’s needs. Use the Left or Right buttons to display screens showing Dinkie Dino’s current age, weight, hunger, thirst, temperature, happiness, and discipline.

Play (Top right icon)
To keep Dinkie Dino happy, you should play with it often. When you select this activity, you and Dinkie Dino will play "jan-ken-po" - or "paper-scissors-rock". Choose your selection by pressing the Left / Right key. Paper (all fingers shown) beats rock (no fingers shown); rock beats scissors (two fingers shown); scissors beats paper. The object is to let Dinkie Dino (black paw) win at least three times out of the five games

Education  (Second right icon from top)
To keep Dinkie Dino disciplined and behaved, you should select this activity and let it study sometimes.

Cleaning (Third right icon from top) 
Select this icon when he turns dark. It gives him an all over shower.

Air Conditioner  (Fourt right icon from top)
25 degrees Celsius is the magic number!  When he gets too cold, he shivers. when he gets too hot, he gets angry. Maintain 25 degrees by turning on / off the air-conditioner.

Medicine  (Right bottom Icon)
Dinkie Dino will get sick sometimes. So you must medicate him. When he gets sick, the meters will empty so feed and play with him after you treat him.

When Dinkie Dino needs something, it will alarm you by beep sounds.Then check on the meters to see what he needs.

Game Over
The game is over when Dinkie Dino dies. It can die from old age or bad health if you do not take good care of it.

To switch on /off the sound in game mode, press and hold the left and right keys at the same time for 3 seconds.

Restarting the Game
If the game is over, or if you want to restart the game, press the reset key at the back of the unit.

Adjusting the Clock
During the game mode, press Esc and Enter at the same time and wait for the tick sound. Adjust to desired time.

This page was last updated: December 2, 2010