Odd Pets, miscellaneous pets..
All the rest!
Odd pets are the ones that followed the original Tamagotchi, Nano and Giga pets, all the rest! This is the miscellaneous category.
I'll start off with the pet there seems to be the most of, the dinosaurs.
Dinkie Dino also known as Raku Raku Dinokun
They  have 10 functions. The animations are basic, but charming.   Dinkie Dino was also one of the biggest sellers in the virtual pet world.
There are now a LOT of fakes of this one. The packaging looks like this but somewhere on the package it will say 69in1 or 49in1. That will turn out to be a multi pet and not this one. These are getting harder to find.
Micro Pet Baby Dino.
This has been one of my favorites.
Though I don't recommend neglect, it can take occasional neglect. 
It's a very forgiving pet with some features not on most virtual pets, namely the weather feature. The big bright screen is also nice.
This pet runs on the Gyaoppi logic chip and follows the Gyaoppi dinosaur growth chart.
These two look the same but function worlds apart.
The official Godzilla pet is pure Nano put in to a miscellaneous pet shell.
MGA is the compamy that puts both of these out.
The little green dinosaur is a true MGA pet

Gyaoppi and Gyaoppi2 dinosaurs.
Same things, different shell designs.
There are MANY different designs for this one.