More odd pets.
My Baby dinosaur
(Hoyotan Tamago)
The buttons can be a little hard to push but it's a nice basic dino pet.  I finally had time to play with mine and I ended up with the full grown dino shown at the bottom.  
I really liked this one!
It's relatively low maintenance.
The game is rock, paper, siscors.
Even if you don't win, it seems happy that you just played.
The buttons are the nice quick response ones which made this one even nicer.
When I played with it, I ended up with a nice fat little dragon.
I was very happy with this one.
Ganbare!! Ryuuta-kun
Dinosaur, Dragon?
I ran this one so long ago I don't remember much about it.
This one is very loud but if you push buttons 2+ 3 you can turn the sound off. :0)
Pet Vet dinosaur.
It beeps a LOT!!
I have heard the end is quite nice though and the beeping gets to be less.
I started this one up one day but I just could not stand the beeping.
Jurassic Park Dinosaur. It's very much like the Micro Pets Baby Dino.
Mr Dino.
It's good for the lazy V-pet caretaker.
Easy to please. Two games and the meeter is full.
It evolved three times for me. I ended up with a Pteridactyl flying aruond the screen. I would highly recommend this one!