Odd pets
Cyberactive RealityPet Dinosaur.
I have not played with it yet.

Nakamichi Pet.
It's a dog. Has all your basic functions of course. You need to keep it's education up. If you take it out for a walk and it's too stupid, it might not come back!
Pocket Turtle

It's a pretty easy pet though not especially exciting. The graphics are basic and kind of cute but it doesn't change much. I liked the dove version of this better.
That is on the page with all my stuff not in packages. I had that one going for quite a long time.
Dino Menace.

This is the only American pedometer pet I know of. Your steps make it stronger.
Raise it, train it and battle them.
They connect at the top for battles.
I don't know the name of this one.
I have not played with it yet either.
It takes really weird batteries. The really flat 1.5 volt.  :0\
Hard to come by the odd size.
Tamakaci Dinosaur and Duck
Use the strap and carry it around like a watch or just as a regular pocket pet.
The maintenance seems a little high but not bad. It poops constantly! When it's not pooping, it's sick.
If you ignore it, it does seem to take neglect pretty well though.
The buttons respond fairly quickly. Always a nice feature.
A nice basic pet that runs well. I was not expecting it to be as nice as it is.
It is in the Gyaoppi family of pets so it follows the Gyaoppi  DUCK growth chart.
I can only assume the Dinosaur follows the Gyaoppi Dino growth chart too.