More odd pets.
Last updated on: February 7, 2007
Dinosaur pets.
(Moshigo no Choubutsu)
These are identical pets. Many pets are like this. Different shell and packaging, but same guts.
They are pretty much your average dino pet but the shell color is unique.
They are not white, they are pearl!
The icons are some what hard to see but it's a nice basic dino pet. The game starts off with the dinosaur still in it's shell. It plays the game and eats in the shell. Really nice. After that it changes in to the dinos surrounding the yellow package.
Petogotchi Puppy.
There are actually two kinds of Petogotchi dogs. When you pull the tab, you find out whick one you have. The packaging and cases are identical!

The three pictures on top are what you get in the black dog Petogotchi. The bottom three screens are what you get from the white dog Petogotchi. There were more outcomes to both dogs and they stayed around for quite a long time. That black one just didn't want to leave. It took a lot of neglect.
I would recommend this one if you want some thing that will stay with you for a while with average care.
Pokewon Puppy.
A very nice very easy to take care of pet.
It has a picture menu, no icons. The picture menu choices change as the pet ages.
I didn't take very good care of it for a little while though.
The third day I had it going, I neglected it most of the whole day and when I found it, it was smoking!
That was remidied quickly though with just a few games of Frizbee.  :0)    He was then back to his normal sweet self.
Pocket Puppy
The game starts off with you picking out one of four different puppies.
There are MANY options.
The animations are detailed.

Password Puppies
This is one by Radica.
A lot of this is voice activated.
You start off by choosing a dog and naming it. You name it by voice.
You play games and raise it like other virtual pets.
Compete in dog shows for ribbons. This is a one of a kind pet. I've seen no others like it. :0)
Happy Pet / Wrist Wanko.

This one is quite unique. I love the concept but you're not actually raising a creature, instead it's more of a playmate in a wrist band.
It has a touch grid on the screen with 9 squares on a 3x3 grid. That is how you interact with him directly.
You've got to play with him enough or he will growl at you if you try to pet him.
The games were nice. They are easy to play and different from most virtual pets.
There's a "Catch the bone" game where you catch just the bones, avoiding the fish. If you catch a fish, the game ends.
There's also a game where you have to get him to jump at the right time.
The graphics were very nice. :0)
It was nice to see good imaginative programing. Too bad it wasn't a little more virtual pet like where you feed him and watch him change. It would have been nice if you could some how earn gifts for it and watch him play with your gifts or bows or some thing.
There are other versions of this pet.
There are other dogs as well as cats and even a dolphin!