More Odd pets
Pocket Pets Puppy.
I got this back in  '99. I played with it then. Another Nano Puppy clone but getting pretty rare now.
I'm pretty sure there was a dinosaur version of this.
Poochie Puppy
I've not tried this one out yet.

Cute Puppy.
Another exact Nano Puppy clone.
My Doggie.
This is a Nano clone. I played with it side by side with a Nano Puppy. Same animations same every thing. It did evolve two days faster than the Nano though so the programming seemed different.
Avon Puppy and Dinosaur.
At first, the dino was quite demanding. The meters empty fairly quickly for the first couple of days and it takes a few naps those first couple of days.
After those first couple of days were over, I was getting some nice characters. I was very surprised. The dog was also very nice. :0)
I have not played with these yet either, but from the way they look, they look like Nano clones.
They seem to be the same, but in different packages. This is fairly common.
Galaxy pet
Nano Puppy clone.
I played with this one util the battery died on me two days in to the game. :0(