Odd Pets
Digit Midget.
I'm pretty sure the ones in the packages are birds.
I have not played with these yet.
Guappi Duck
Gyaoppi version duck.
The icons are very small and all on the top. It's some what hard to see what icons you are looking at. That was about the only short coming in this pet. It was your average nice Gyaoppy type pet.
Gyaoppi 9-in-1

Has a duck, dinosaur, alien, dog, frog, penguin, cat, panda, and regular bird.
It's got a card game and a dodging game. The choices of food changes with every character.
It rains in there and the sun comes out so you have to give it an umbrella or baseball cap.
These will last quite a long time. The maintanance is not too much to keep it around and it keeps evolving. It will also regress if you don't take care of it at all.
It also has a memory and you can go through all the characters you've had in the past. It will remember every evolution that character has been through.
You can also fast forward it's life. A really fun option! This is one of my all time favorites so I collect one of every kind I can find. This is truly the king of multi pets!!

To clarify the functions on Gyaoppi:
Pause- Press A & B simultaneously for 5 seconds in Gyaoppi mode, you wont be able to scroll through any icons, but still have option of turning sound on/off and view time. Press A & B again simultaneously for 5 seconds to un-pause. You'll know it worked if you can scroll through the icons again using A button.

Sound on/off- Press A & C simultaneously for 1 second in Gyaoppi mode. To turn back on/off repeat same process.

Fast growth mode (minutes work like seconds)- Press A & C simultaneously in Gyaoppi mode. Check time, minutes should go by in seconds. To go back to Normal mode (either choice 1 or 2, not sure which combination is the right way)
Choice 1: press A & B together for 5 seconds
Choice 2: press A & C together for 5 seconds

Courtesy of site contributor KP :0)