Cho-jinsei (enjoy life)
Released November 23rd 2005

Entama is the most complicated and fun Tamagotchi ever so far. Yes, even better than the V3 by a long shot.
Why Bandai does not release such a great machine in an English version, I can not figure out. I'll just blame it on focus groups or maybe they think us idiot gaijins can't figure it out or something..  Anyway.. This is the greatest Tama ever!!
If you have one of these, I highly recommend using the EnWarehoure program along with it.

With this tama you can also visit http://e-tamago.com Though e-tamago might not work for people with slow connections or when the site is being used heavily. The EnWarehouse program gets you what e-tamago will get for you.
Review provided by another site contributor, Chris Everly:

The En-Tama is probably the most difficult to do a review on, because of its MANY features! Lets start this off with the Icons, in order. First Icon is its Status Meter you go here to check on your Tamagotchi to see if it needs anything. The first screen on your status is your Hunger (top) and Happiness (bottom), the next screen shows its points in Inteligence (top) Style (middle) and Kindness (bottom) the higher these points are the more well your Tamagotchi will do in school and at its job. The next screen shows its school level then later its job, and how well its doing it (1, 2, or 3 stars) and under it shows your money. The next screen shows its age, wieght and name. The final screen on the status menu shows its gender and generation.

The next Icon is the Food Icon, when you enter this catagory you will be givin 3 things to choose from! The top choice is its meal, where you can feed it Sushi, or a half of a sandwhich, plus any other food you purchased from Ojitchi. The second choice is Snack, here you can choose between Bananas, or a Sundae, plus any other snack you purchased off of Ojitchi. The last choice is Ingredients. You go here to mix 2 ingredients to make a special food item that will boost up your guts points in that catagory. You mix 2 ingredients of the same label type ( Inteligence, Style, or Kindness) *Note* They are marked with the group that they raise. The next Icon has the same function as all other Tama's before it do, which is the Flush Icon.

The fourth Icon is the games Icon. when you enter it, youll find 3 choices the first choice is a card flip game, play this to make Tama happy and earn Inteligence points. The next choice is a cloths catching game. Play this to make Tama happy and earn Style Points. The last choice is a block hitting game, play this to make Tama happy, and earn Kindness points. (although hitting is not REALLY a kind guesture :P)

The last Icon on the top is the Connection Icon you use this to connect to other Tamas. When you enter this catagory you will get to choose from 5 different choices. The first choice will allow a connection with another En-tama. When you chose to connect with another entama another screen will pop up with 4 choices. When you pick the first choice itll pop up 2 choices to either connect (they do something random, play game give a snack etc) or sing Karoke. If you choose Karoke, will will recieve 3 choice to choose from these are different styles of music. *Note* Both people do not have to pick the same style of music. Back to the main Entama connection screen the second choice there is, give present this is were you wrap a present and give it to someone, the recieving person would want to go to the 3rd choice down on the main menu screen, this choice is to recieve the present. Then finally the last choice will enable you to marry if your 2 entamas are in love. the other choices on the screen your on before you go into the "entama connection menu" enable you to connect to the older japanese versions of Tamagotchi Keitai. you keep going past the rest of the connection choice and youll see a choice that sais "PC(place hiragana here)" you go to this to get your access code to sign onto the entama site, or enwarehouse. when your code appears press "B" and it will allow you to enter a code. the last choice on the connection menu....I have no clue what its for.

The first icon on the bottom is your Mail Bag, you go here to read mail, i suggest that you pretend to read it although you may not understand what it means cause you can get money sometimes from these letters or sometimes you loose money, but you mainly earn money, when you enter your mail bag youll see 2 things to pick from one is "Newspaper" the other is "Letter". The Icon after this is the Medical Icon you go here if your tama gets sick or has a tooth ache to nurse it back to health no special things required, this icon works the same way the ones do on the older tamas.

After Medical, there is the Treasure Chest Icon this is where all your special Items are kept. When you first enter this Icon, you will see 5 choices of things to pick from. The first choice is where your "work equipment" is kept. This choice only become available once you get your job, you go in here to select your "work equipment" and your tama will take the item that you select and use it and them obtain a point in whatever catagory your job specializes in (Inteligence, Style or Kindness). The second choice im not quite sure, youll just get different choices of items to use here all the time that will raise no imparticular point in youe Style Kindness or Inteligence. I have no clue what the 3rd choice is, ive never been able to select it. The 4th choice is the same. Ive never been able to select it. The 5th choice is your toys, go here to let your tama play with its toys that you have either bought or earned. Playing with them will also raise your Tamas happiness meter as well!

The next icon is the Friends list! Choose this Icon to obtain 3 choices, the first choice will let you veiw your friends. The second choice lets you veiw parents. The last choice is graveyard. Go here to veiw tamas that passed on and became Angelgotchi's!!! ;)

The last Icon you cannot choose, it is the Attention Icon, It lights up when Tama needs care.

Here is some "Game Mechanics" There are 3 groups of Tamagotchis! Inteligence, Style, and Kindness. These act as rock paper scizzors when you breed.
If you breed Inteligence with Style, the Babies will turn out being in the Style Group.
If you breed Style with Kindness. The Babies will turn out to be in the Kindness Group.
If you breed Kindness with Inteligence the babies will come out in the Inteligence group. *Note* breeding the same group will yeild the same thing, ex. Style + Style = Style. Only specific characters can be obtained in certain groups, Like if you are in the Style group and you get Memetchi, you wont beable to get her, in Kindness or Inteligence. Each groups have thier own species. Also Ojitchi will show up around the begining, middle and end of the day, and offer you things to buy. You get toys, snacks, food and ingredients off him. So he is a welcome to see. Each group also has thier own teacher. All Toddlers in all the groups get the Oshare techer, she teachers Kindergarden. After they evolve into Teens they will get thier own special teacher. ( Inteligence characters get a Old Turtle dude, Style group gets the Flower Sensei she kinda looks like the Pokemon Sunflora, and then the Kindness group gets Mr. Canvas. He looks like a giant walking talking painting canvas) Match Maker comes usually inbetween 8 to 10 yrs old. She brings a random character of the opposite gender. This is how you breed into different groups unless you know someone to breed with, and they dont mind repeating the same group again. Boys can only turn into specific characters in that particular group as do the girls. Kinda like Osu/Mesu. Thats about all there is to it, now, I have armed you with everything I know, so go out there and buy yourself an Entama, and enjoy life.
Review courtesy of Chris Everly.
Full Entama instructions.
Graciously accepted by Tamenagerie from Skillful Abbot.
Click to download EnwarehouseV3
It is an honor to present Enwarehouse! This little program is for use with your Entama. Enter your travel code, chose what you want, and it gives you your exit code to enter to the Tamagotchi. You can get anything that e-tamago can give you.  Thank you so much Binary for creating this wonderful program! :0)

Click here to download the EnWarehouse program! 

Disclaimer :
This software is provided as Freeware.  You may copy and redistribute it freely.  However, you may not make changes to this software, and you may not charge for it.

This software is provided as-is.  We have done our best to ensure that it works properly, however there is no warranty, and there is no support.

System Requirements :
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Bandai Cho Jinsei Enjoy! Tamagotchi Plus
Installation Instructions
Download the EnWarehouse.zip file.  Extract the contents to media local to your computer.  Run the Setup.exe program.  A shortcut will be created in your Start menu.  After installation, the .zip file and its extracted contents can be deleted.
Operating Instructions
Get a TamaTown Log In No. from the Tamagotchi.  Enter this number into the box near the top left of EnWarehouse.  Click the Login button to validate the number.  Click the Menu button to open the item menu.  Move the mouse through the item menu, and click on the desired item.  Enter the number from the box near the bottom left of EnWarehouse, into the Tamagotchi, as the Log Out No.  Your selected item will arrive on the Tamagotchi.  Items listed in the Purchases branch of the menu are chargeable.  If you agree to accept a purchase item, the cost will be deducted from your Tamagotchi's $G$ points.  Click the  Clear button to reset the Log In and Log Out Numbers displayed.  Instead of using the Menu button, you can click the middle button to quickly reselect the most recently selected item.
Un-installation Instructions
Navigate to the "Add or Remove Programs" applet in the Control Panel.  Select the entry for EnWarehouse, and click "Change/Remove".
Click here for the original enwarehouse version 1
Click here for enwarehouse version3
Click here for Enwarehouse version4
<---Rare characters
There are two versions of Entama. The regular as outlined above and the CYOI entama.
The CYOI only came out in 2 shell designs. The pink below and a blue with orange cloverleaf flower design.
The only difference is the games which are pictured here:
Book Balancing
Picture match
Bug swat