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Fakes! Imposters!

Unfortunately, out of the success of some products, come the the knockoffs.
Straight out of Hong Kong factories to you, the unsuspecting consumer.

Some of these imposters go as far as to be packaged the same way the JP Tama plus.
The examples here have three button and four button virtual pets. Very misleading.  They are actually multi pets and are nothing like the new Tamagotchi.
I have the pink one and I can't even figure out how to set the time!
If you are buying in ebay, just be sure to double check what you are getting from the Hong Kong sellers. A lot of them sell the fakes and of course, others sell the real thing.
Notice these packages do not say "Bandai" on them. Only Bandai makes Tamagotchi.
Also, these are some times sold as unique pets but they are all the same type multi pet. Same thing, different shells and packaging. It can be quite a disappointment if you don't understand what you are buying.