Last updated on: March 4, 2007
Ariel is my favorite Giga.
She has lasted longest of all my Gigas and was fun to play with.
Salem the cat Giga pet.
Really from Australia!
Thanks to my friend Lisa  :0)
Micro Chimp
The last time I played with this was right after I got it in 1998!
I don't remember what it was like.
Bit Critter.
I got this very recently.
It is very cute.
It's some kind of alien.
Giga Mouse.
Put your cursor on it to see inside.
Another one I have not played with in a long time. I remember Sylvester taking some swipes at Tweety though!
I think disciplining Tweety consisted of him getting chewed on by Sylvester.
Giga Faces.
This one is not really a normal giga pet.
You can create faces and the major play feature is taking care of a face.
I still have not tried this one out.
Babe Giga Pet.
I've not tried this one out yet.