Gyaoppi family
These are all the same basic pet.
Some are multi and others are single pets.
These are sentimental favorites. :0)
They are just nice to play with.
Single Gyaoppi pets.
Dinosaurs and  Birds
The Gyaoppis have the same characters by breed. Look at the charts.
Gyaoppi is a very appealing pet to me. The graphics are simple but endeering.
The screens are also brighter in general.

They all run on the same basic program.
Some Gyaoppis can be some what 'buggy' though some are more buggy than others. Meaning they might freeze up!
It's easy to overlook that though. They rarely freeze up. As long as you know it may happen, there's no reason to panic. :0)
It often freezes up on the card game but eventually returns to the game. Because of that, I usually play the other game it has.