Odd pets
Pocket Pal
This turned out to be some kind of alien the first day, then a dinosaur then a cat.  Really different.  It's a Dinkie style pet.

It changes daily and "Happy Birthday" plays for it every day at the time I originally set the time for.
Most of the ones I have with no packages.
It's a cheaper way to collect pets.
A few of these are from the beginning of my collecting before I started keeping the packages.
Pocket Dove
A relativly easy going little bird.
The animations are not spectacular, but it's got simple charm. It only needs to be played with a couple of times a day! The first seven days, it ate a lot! It also survived an entire day of neglect! It changed the day after this almost 24 hours of no attention. After that change it didn't demand to be fed as much. Very nice!