Odd pets
Sony Funbbit
This is a very different one.
Funbbit plugs in to a portible radio with a headphone jack.
The character is designed to get fat. You must plug it in to the Walkman for it to exercise. Leaving it plugged in seems to keep the weight pretty much level. You can also play a game with him to have him dance and quickly lose weight.
The story is cute and the graphics are very nice.

The story on the back of the package goes:
The rabbit in the moon that makes rice deserts shapes some rice in to a rabbit. It comes to life and goes down to Earth. While it walks around, it hears music coming from a Sony Walkman (nauturally). The rabbit then decides to move in to the walkman, then for some reason, the dancing and weight battle begins.
The 10-in-1 multipet
My favorite multi-pet!. It's exactly like Gyaoppi.
It's my favorite multi-pet because of it's size.  It's the size of a tamagotchi.

Funny how this is the one with the most pets and is the smallest.
8-in1 Octo-Pets
Another multi-pet just like Gyaoppi 9-in-1 and the 10-in-1 above.
The growth chart has some interesting twists.
I think the shell design is also rather attractive and I like that big screen.

Some of he features of the Octo-pets are:
Pause Button that allows pausing the pet while you are at school or doing other activities where you cannot take the pet.
Fast Growth - allows the pet to be rapidly "aged" to a later state.
Color background (Pet lives in a grassy knoll.)
An alarm clock.
Karugamo Land / Duckland
I was happy to finally get this one BUT was disappointed at the dark display (shadowey) and it's just a Gwappi duck.
Somewhat disappointing.  I was hopping for some thing new.
The shell design is very difrent though. Nice touch.
ThinkWay toys!
I like these.
Thinkway toys designed some nice stuff. I wish they had done more.
On the Toy Story one, you can get the alien, a bird or a space puppy.  I always end up with the ailen!  He eats pizza and you need to give him fresh air for the ship.  There are two games and a nice pause feature.

The Mermaid is also nice.   You can get one of four creatures.  Fish, crab, seahorse or jellyfish.
There are nice animations with this large screen.   You play, exercise and nurture this as any other pet too. It's one of my favorites!
Well done ThinkWay, more please!