Odd Pets
Henshin UFO or WAV UFO
I really like these. For me, they are best played with in the summer because I'm out more often near a lot of people who might be carrying cell phones. Every once in a while, the character will change and I don't even know about it!
Cell phone waves and Micro waves were origianally ment to change the characters.
WAVes from Furby, Furby Baby and Shelbys work just great to change the characters. So when I start one of these up, I drag out one of my Furby type pets.
There is a feeding function, air exchange function, slot machine and  rock paper siscors game. That last screen shot is what happens if you don't attend to the ailens needs. He ends up in an intensive care chamber. He can be brought out of this poor health situation though. Quite an interesting pet. Rare now but if you find one, it's worth picking up.
Pocket Biscuit and Pocket Goofy    A virtual rock band.
This is virtual rock band rather than a pet. It is based upon the pop group (Pocket Biscuits) formed by the Utchan Nanchan comedy duo. It features three band members: Teru, Udo, and Chiaki. Teru and Udo (the male members) like to stay out late drink and party, and you (as the band manager) need to wake them up at about 10am, or they'll sleep all day. The female member of the band, Chiaki, is not so much the party animal and can get up on her own. You need to give them singing lessons by playing a Simon-type game with notes, and dance lessons. Good caretaking is shown by the group rising in the pop charts (you have 14 days to make it to the number one slot). The computer-generated characters shown are used in the real group's music videos. The game features short melodies played from the band's songs.
Pocket Goofy is an english version of Pocket Biscuit but is missing a couple of options.
Talkin gotchi alien and bird

Functions include feeding, lights, games like guessing game, jogging, fighting and  stone throwing.
The fighting and throwing are what it can do when connected to another talin' gotchi.
There's health care, clean, education and status.
I've not played with these much.
The alien kind of freaked me out when it really started talking!
If anyone has one or 2 of these, I'd really love a review. I traded mine away. >.<
Gureicchi Alien
It plays like a Gyaoppi. Easy to take care of and the alien character is really cute.

Only problem is that the character really does not change. When it evolves or changes, the thing that changes is the way he moves. I guess that could make sense if he's just this little guy living in a space ship. I'm so used to the characters looking different when changes come.
Changing the way he moves is an interesting concept, but it's more exciting when the characters change form.