Wagamamaholder Myar
I really liked this one.
You just see the cats face on the sereen.
There is no option menu or icons. You just press the first button and it automatically brings up what attention is needed.
The maintenance was low.
Sounds were nice.  A very charming cat indeed!
Heart Tune
Heart Tune / Haa Chan
Raise a little pet heart! It grows through three heart stages then changes into a cat, angel, demon, and some other mystery characters indicated on the chart. You feed it via a "Heart beam", there's a little heart with wings in the upper left corner of the screen which fires hearts beams at the character.
The play option is to touch it. The heart guy appears on the screen and using the left/right buttons you pet it on it's sides. It sort of smooshes in accordance with the buttons, hitting both buttons presses both sides in.      ~(squish)~
There's the cleaning function which is needed often as the heart likes the place really clean. A whistle calls it back if it decides to wander off (If you neglect it too long, it will leave and not respond to the whistle). But the most interesting thing about this one is when you start it up you also input your age, sex, and blood type. The final option is a "Fortune Telling" feature. It will tell you your lucky color and number for the day.

There are hearts in the sky, flowers and trees on the ground. As your heart is happier, the trees grow taller and the flowers grow. There are also more hearts in the sky the happier the heart is. There are both English and Japanese versions.
A cute little cat pet. Feed him, groom him. He plays two games. One is a ball and cup game and the other is catch the moussie!
He's easy to get along with even though the menu is all Japanese.
Odd pets