Odd pets
Doraemon  The story:
Doraemon is a blue cat like robot character from Japan. Appearing in comic books and cartoons and possibly coming to America!
Doraemon has a special pocket in his stomach and creates many clever inventions to help his friend, Nobita who is an elememtary school student.
Nobita is always sad because other students bully him. When Nobita is discouraged, Doraemon tries to cheer him up!

The pet:
Very fun pet full of surprises. You earn Doraemons inventions as you go. There was one MAJOR surprise invention I really liked!
This is made by Bandai, the makers of Tamagotchi.
Basically the same as Doraemon with a few small differences.
Pokemon pet
Unofficial pet. Not licensed by Nintendo.
The character is not a Pokemon, it's a dinosaur.
I suspect the guts are of the Dinosaur V.s. Gorilla one like this:

It's has very nice animations and is a very imaginative pet.
One of the games is "whack-a-mole".
You can also have him lift weights with his tail, run on a treadmill.
He battles with a gorilla. If he loses, he goes right to the hospital.
He also seems to really enjoy his hot bubbly showers.
Of course I was hoping this to be a Pokemon character, but even this dinosaur is very nice!
Last updated on: February 7, 2007
Hello Kitty Metcha Esute (very French)

Kitty has got a hot date coming up and she needs your help to look her best.
The goal is to either fatten her up or thin her down depending on how the game starts out.
I have not played with it yet.
It's another one that should have your full attention. There is a lot of Japanese text to sift through.
The cat pet that is not a cat pet!
"My Sweet Cat"
Well, it may have been a cat, if so,  it's been eaten by a dinosaur and traveled back in time 65Million years because
this pet is really a dinosur!
A brontosaurous I believe.
It looks like it's trying to be the
Hello Kitty Metcha Esute.
This is the third kitty pet I have. Same body and background graphics as the ones above but is a Nano Baby clone! Very unexpected.
It did not come with a package, just as is.