Odd pets
Last updated on: January 19, 2010
Derby Ball
A very unique pet.
It has a picture menu (no icons on the screen) which adds more options as the horse gets older.  There is also a meter that stretches across the bottom of the display. I don't know what it's for. Might be overall happiness or to use in conjunction with it's infared function.
I can only guess that the infared is to race against another Derby Ball horse.

The games are jumping and stomp on the mole.
The jumping game is really cute, horsie runs fast, jump. Fast, jump. Horsie runs slow, jump. Horsie runs fast jump....
The stomp game like whack a mole but the horses hoof squashes the moles. The moles come out fairly predictably.

The shell is eyeball shaped with a convex lens just like an eyeball which unfortunateiy creates a lot of glare.
I really like it though. It's so unique and cute!
If you are lucky enough to come across one, it's worth having.
Bo Bear / Hunny Bear
A very nice watch style/ necklace style pocket pet.
It's the thinnest virtual pet I've seen.
It was fairly easy to take care of.
It was nice to see such a different character. I will have to run another one of these again. Sorry I can't describe it better. heh, I will have to give one another go.. won't I?
Micalun & Devitan
You connect the M&D up with your friends to see how compatible you  are.
To start you enter your name,
birth date,
blood type,
then the current time.

Depending on the personality types determined by the Chinese
calendar, the Mic & Dev will fight more or less often.
If you miss a battle, you get hurt.
If you miss enough battles, the characters will regress.
Maybe not playing enough of the slot game will also make your characters regress. The two characters advance by you winning the slot game.
Winning "good" cards make the Micalun advance, winning "bad" cards make the Devitan advance.
There is no feeding, and they put themselves to bed. The only thing you have to do is stop the fighting and play the slot game. It is not a true virtual pet.

I've not played with him yet.
But thanks to Tamagotchi Square:
http://www.peppersoup.net/tamasquare/keroppi.php  I can!
I heard it was a bit of a bear not knowing how to play with him.
Comes in:
white eyeball
All black and
Tako Seijin /
Space Creature
He becomes a number of life forms depending upon his diet and how you treat him.
Activities include:
Drink, Food (eats from a battery, sun energy, or other types of food. What you feed him determines his life form.),  Light,   Discipline
Play (a finger guessing game), Study,  Shower (when his body turns dark)
Air conditioning (he likes 25 degrees C. Too hot or cold and he gets sick. He shivers when cold and gets angry when hot.),  Medicine (give Tako an injection when sick)
Report (learn the status of your pet. Age, weight, hunger, thirst, temperature, happiness, and discipline are reported)