Bird Watching, Smart Chick, Smart Hiyoko.
When I played with this it either it died or reset its self that first day. I didn't have a chance to run it again right away. :o(

This seems to run on the Gyaoppi chip.
V-Pet dogs
The use of real sounds on this one (it barks and says "Momma") was a nice attempt at being unique but it just talks SOOOOO much!
Mine talked throughout the night!
It's a fairly high maintenance pet and the buttons are kind of hard to push.
After about 24 hours, I could handle no more!
This one had so much potential with interesting graphics and unique game play but really missed the mark.
Odd Pets
This page was last updated: September 14, 2008
My Baby
A Nano Baby clone.
Runs just like a Nano but the graphics are a little different.
I like the case better than the original Nano Pet. These also only seemed to be sold in Australia.
Pocket Neo pets
Made by Tiger Electronics. The same company that made Giga Pets.
They are totally cute in the beginning but the maintenance gets to be too much.
You earn points by playing the games. You have to buy the food for them and gifts to keep them happy. There are a lot of things to do and the graphics are very nice.